Adobe and Wunderman Thompson power rich personalized experiences while respecting customer data

Adobe and Wunderman Thompson power rich personalized experiences while respecting customer data

It’s probably no surprise that people spend more with companies they trust. How does a brand inspire trust with customers? While a lot of different factors impact customer affinity, one thing is critical for brands to succeed: consistent, seamless, and tailored experiences that respect their data privacy preferences. According to the 2022 Adobe Trust survey, 73% of consumers say that bad personalized experiences decrease their trust in brands, and nearly 80% are concerned about how brands are using their data.

Identity resolution with Adobe and Resolve

Today, Adobe announced that Adobe Experience Platform, the foundation of all Adobe Experience Cloud applications, is integrated with Resolve, the Wunderman Thompson intelligent identity solution for cookieless audience resolution that sits inside a brand’s own cloud data platforms, ensuring that privacy never leaves the brand’s control. Joint customers will now be able to connect first-party data, enhance their customer profiles, and turn data into actionable insights, all while respecting their customers’ data privacy.

“Successful brands must be able to both recognize their customers and deliver personalized experiences while being responsible stewards of their customers’ data. Experience Platform, amplified by Resolve, is the ideal platform to empower brands to do so,” said Carsten Hyldahl, head of AI at Wunderman Thompson MAP.

Resolve complements the identity resolution capabilities already available within Experience Platform and helps brands to intelligently recognize and reach customers so they can tailor engagements through CRMs, media, or even ecommerce with sharing data or using third-party tracking. Resolve works alongside existing marketing technologies like Experience Cloud to learn patterns in consented data that can be activated for personalized customer interactions. And Resolve delivers results quickly, with customers typically seeing a 20–40% increase in their ability to reidentify consumers.

“In today’s digital economy, being respectful of customer data while also providing great experiences is critical for brands to build trust with their customers,” said Klaasjan Tukker, senior director of product marketing at Adobe. “Resolve complements the Experience Platform real-time customer profile, data unification, and governance capabilities, allowing brands to make the most of their first-party data, create richer customer profiles, and ultimately, to deliver more personalized experiences at scale.”

Ongoing privacy-focused changes in legislation and technology, including the deprecation of third-party cookies, means that brands will need to re-evaluate the data they use and how they use it in order to target audiences and drive business growth. With this integration, companies can take ownership of their customer data to create direct relationships based on consented data.