Celebrating Changemakers: 3 Organizations Building Digital Experiences That Make A Difference


At Adobe, we believe creativity can lead to experiences that can change the world. And we want to recognize and celebrate our customers that share our commitment to transforming lives and our planet with the power of experiences. That’s why, starting this year, we’ve added a Changemakers Award category to the Adobe Experience Maker Awards, which celebrates organizations that are building and delivering exceptional experiences that address important causes.

And there are plenty of worthy changemakers out there. After putting out the call for submissions, we heard from nonprofits, agencies, as well as corporate brands. Although it was difficult to choose among them, the judges selected three finalists whose work shows that digital experiences are more than good business — they also have the power to transform lives.

The Changemaker finalists are:

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC): Using digital experiences and creativity to help more children

Digital experiences are critical to NCMEC’s mission to save lives and bring missing children home. Since the nonprofit revamped its website with Adobe Experience Cloud, bounce rates have dropped from 94% to just 7%, allowing NCMEC to more effectively share timely, accurate information with its audiences, and traffic to the donation page has more than doubled. NCMEC has reached over 100 million people with 29,000 images and descriptions of missing children. The organization has helped find more than 3,000 kids with help from 6,800 age-progressed photos developed using Adobe Photoshop, and it has used Adobe creative tools to make educational content that helps keep children safe. In addition, the organization uses Adobe Acrobat to share confidential files and Adobe Sign to secure immediate approval from families for media releases that distribute a child’s image and personal details through posters, social media, billboards, and media outlets.

“Adobe solutions touch everything that we do—from finding children to engaging the public—and it helps us fulfill our mission of keeping children safe”Michelle DeLaune, SVP and Chief Operating Officer, NCMEC

Necco: Speeding response to prospective foster parent inquiries

When a child is waiting to be placed in a foster home, every hour matters. Foster care service provider Necco, a nonprofit serving several states in the Southeast U.S., created a faster, easier recruitment process for prospective foster parents using Adobe Experience Manager Forms integrated with Microsoft Dynamics. The organization was able to dramatically reduce the time to follow-up on inquiries from prospective foster families, qualifying prospective parents sooner and welcoming children into homes faster. Always looking for ways to improve the foster care experience, Necco continues to raise the bar for the nonprofit world, using Adobe Experience Manager to engage, inform, and assist foster families.

“Adobe products allowed us to reduce our response time to foster parent inquiries from an average of five days to a few hours. That has allowed us to place more children with loving families.”Eric Tayce, Director of Marketing, Necco

S&P Global Market Intelligence: Delivering timely ESG guidance to its community

Through its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) offering, S&P Global gives corporations and investors the intelligence they need to navigate climate risk and work for a more sustainable future. The company uses Marketo Engage to promote its ESG data and analysis, with a 95% acceptance rate on marketing qualified leads (MQLs). Its coordinated marketing program has included a successful climate risk webinar; a well-attended, in-person event at Climate Week NYC 2020; and a new monthly newsletter with thousands of subscribers.

“Here at S&P Global, our corporate responsibility mission is that our essential intelligence powers inclusive, sustainable economies and thriving global communities. With Marketo Engage, we created a strategic, multichannel marketing approach to solidify our position as a thought leader and key provider in this space.”Regan Curry, Marketing Manager, S&P Global Market Intelligence

Sharing stories with the power to inspire

As we prepare to announce the winners of the annual Adobe Experience Maker awards in a virtual ceremony on June 25, we want to extend our gratitude to these visionary leaders as well as the other organizations that shared their stories. These stories are powerful examples of how creativity can transform the human experience — for individuals, communities, and the planet.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many more inspiring stories into sharp focus, and we’re heartened to see brands moving to sustainable practices, making services accessible during the crisis, using technology to help their communities, and using creativity to uplift and inspire. You can find some of these stories on our website.

At Adobe, we believe that everyone deserves respect and equal treatment, and we also stand with the Black community against hate, intolerance and racism. We will continue to support, elevate, and amplify diverse voices through our community of employees, creatives, customers and partners. We believe Adobe has a responsibility to drive change and ensure that every individual feels a sense of belonging and inclusion. We must stand up and speak out against racial inequality and injustice. Read more about the actions we’re taking to make lasting change inside and outside of our company.

We also know many people are still impacted by the current COVID-19 crisis and our thoughts are with you. The entire Adobe team wants to thank you, our customers, and all creators around the world for the work you do to keep us inspired during this difficult time.