Adobe launches Customer Journey Analytics Expert Developer Certification

Adobe launches Customer Journey Analytics Expert Developer Certification

Understanding the omnichannel customer journey

The customer journey inherently reaches across all channels, with most customers interacting with their favorite brands through various digital platforms and offline channels such as in-store purchases, surveys, call centers, and more. To truly understand your customers and bridge any gaps in their experience, it's crucial to have visibility into all their engagements. That's where Adobe Customer Journey Analytics comes in, empowering individuals across organizations to measure and enhance the customer experience with comprehensive omnichannel insights.

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the Customer Journey Analytics Developer Expert Certification, designed to validate the skills and expertise of developers in implementing and customizing solutions using Adobe Experience Cloud technologies, including Customer Journey Analytics. This certification will provide our partners and customers with the ability to be certified on the technical workflows and details that are involved with the implementation of the application.

Behind the scenes — building the Customer Journey Analytics Developer Certification

To create this certification, we brought together top experts from Adobe, Accenture, Bounteous, Capgemini, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, and Search Discovery. This diverse set of partners, along with product experts from Adobe, provided many different perspectives and experiences with implementing Customer Journey Analytics. This ensures that the exam truly represents the knowledge needed to successfully implement and use the application.

Elevating your profile with recognized expertise

After completing the Customer Journey Analytics Expert Developer certification, successful candidates will receive a digitized badge that can be promoted on LinkedIn and company websites, featured in a customer pitch, mentioned in an interview, or even included in print collateral. This badge demonstrates that an individual or company has the required skills to conceptualize, design, and realize a customer’s Customer Journey Analytics implementation and configuration. Additionally, customers can easily find and verify trusted partners and talent for their business through recognition of the digital badge.

Get certified today

The Customer Journey Analytics Expert Developer certification is available today. To learn more about exam qualifications, suggested preparation, and other questions, visit the site here.

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