How Adobe Customer Journey Analytics closes the loop from audience activation to measurement

New capabilities in Adobe Customer Journey Analytics close the loop from audience activation to measurement

Think about the last five interactions you had with brands — chances are most of them happened just today. Before noon today, you might have logged into your investment account, checked the shipping status of a clothing order, received a reminder for an upcoming trip, and seen a push notification for a sale at a retailer. Each of these experiences fit seamlessly into your routine, was personalized, and served a purpose.

Consumers expect the brands they trust to understand their needs and engage them in a way that is personalized and empathetic — but still respects their boundaries and meets them where they are. In fact, according to a Webex report, 55% of consumers would switch brands to get a better experience. So, in an ever-changing macroeconomic climate with alternative brands and products at every corner, getting the customer experience right is critical.

A good customer experience starts with insights derived from the right data. Those insights come from the analysis and conversion of basic attributes and behavioral data into customer intelligence. But to be impactful, customer intelligence needs to be more than a static snapshot of your customer. Brands need insights to be easy to activate, and they need to clearly understand the full-circle impact those experiences have on high-value audiences.

Unfortunately, brands still struggle with fragmented data, tools, and systems. When core activation and reporting systems do not seamlessly work together, marketers are left with incomplete pictures — and the customer experience ultimately suffers. Many brands are beginning to break through those internal barriers, but success depends on the accessibility of comprehensive insights, the ease of activation to any destination, and closed-loop measurement — a virtuous cycle of insights and engagement.

Connecting the cycle of insight-driven experiences

Adobe provides solutions from measurement and insights to experience activation and orchestration, natively built on a platform with common, standardized, and properly governed customer data. With Adobe Customer Journey Analytics, Adobe Real-Time CDP, and Adobe Journey Optimizer, brands can address holistic customer experience use cases to increase customer engagement and lifetime value. Because these applications are natively connected, many product enhancements are intentionally built to unlock additional value across all three applications.

Customer Journey Analytics released the capability in 2022 to discover and create audiences from deep analysis and send to Real-Time CDP for activation, unlocking new use cases to complement and supplement segmentation within Real-Time CDP. We are excited to share a new capability that completes the virtuous cycle and further enriches the end-to-end value across Adobe applications.

Introducing Audience Analysis capabilities in Customer Journey Analytics

To help brands close the loop on audience measurement, Customer Journey Analytics is unveiling Audience Analysis, an innovation that bridges the gap between activation and audience performance insights. Brands will be able to analyze the performance behaviors of audiences segmented in Adobe Experience Platform and activated through Real-Time CDP or Journey Optimizer directly in Customer Journey Analytics.

The magic of a real-time profile is that it is continuously updated with new information. To build upon your own brand interactions, your profile looks extremely different across each brand, and it’s important that each brand provides a value-based relationship. That means knowing that you recently reached gold status, or that you’ve purchased from the same clothing brand three times this month —and have returned several items. This could also be the marketing emails and site pages you’ve engaged with recently.

With the ability to analyze the performance of audience segments, brands can truly understand how marketing touchpoints influence customer behaviors across different segments — and how segments change over time. These insights can be used to guide lifecycle and loyalty campaigns to increase relevancy with effective personalization.

Innovative use cases and the benefits of Audience Analysis

Audience Analysis will provide new, industry-first capabilities to address unique use cases:

With Adobe, it is easier than ever to understand the behaviors of specific audiences and proactively engage customers that you know are your biggest fans, at-risk for churn, or disappointed with a specific experience. With personalized and connected experiences to reaffirm trust with your brand, you’ll keep them engaged and increase lifetime value.

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