Adobe Workfront powers system of record for marketing

Adobe Workfront marketing system of record

When it comes to delivering personalized customer experiences, companies can’t afford to lose a single dollar, minute, or great idea to distraction or inefficiencies. But as marketers scale to meet increasing demand, they find themselves juggling more tools and applications that don’t play well together. They work in silos without clear communication or priorities. And they lack visibility on which resources are available, and the status of content and campaigns. As a result, teams waste time, squander budgets, miss deadlines, and ultimately can’t keep up with customer expectations.

Adding more tools to already sprawling martech stacks just makes the problem worse. Instead, marketers must adopt a new, more systematic approach.

A system of record for marketing.

Unlike other strategic business functions like finance, customers, people, and IT, marketing hasn’t had a “system of record” that connects and automates the essential data, processes, applications, and resources required to effectively run and scale the business.

As part of Adobe Experience Cloud, Adobe Workfront provides capabilities and integration tools to support a system of record for marketing, a source of truth that connects the full marketing lifecycle across campaigns, marketing operations, creative and content, centralizing work so cross-functional teams can execute the right work — from anywhere.

The Adobe Workfront marketing system of record:

Engagement and demand at scale.

According to Scott Horst, VP of brand, creative & digital at Lumen, “With Adobe Workfront serving as our marketing system of record, we’ve achieved what we set out to do: build a marketing engine capable of creating engagement and demand at scale, and we recently utilized that system to launch a complete rebranding of our company. We’ve both automated for efficiency and made time for innovation because everything we need is readily available in a single, connected source of truth. Plus, we’ve achieved a new level of operational veracity within the business as we can now predict, share, and deliver on dates across multiple projects as we track how all campaign deliverables converge to meet our commitments. Our Adobe Workfront marketing system of record allows us to create, run, and manage work critical to the business with quality and scale.”

Adobe Workfront marketing system of record

Adobe Workfront has native integrations into Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Experience Manager. In addition, Adobe Workfront Fusion provides a visual, codeless solution that enables integration and automation across the Adobe ecosystem, as well as other business applications.

Keeping work and teams aligned.

Supported by Adobe Experience CloudPoly, one of the world’s most comprehensive portfolios of business communications and audio-video collaboration tools, has spent three years building a center of excellence (COE) for its marketing content and web production. Adobe Workfront provides the company with a powerful marketing system of record for all content production, keeping teams aligned, and fueling their integrated marketing activities.

“We no longer create one-off marketing assets. Everything we do is a part of an integrated campaign, from our landing pages, to emails, to digital ads,” says Jenifer Salzwedel, senior director of marketing operations and enablement at Poly. “Different producers are responsible for each piece of the puzzle, yet Workfront is where we keep everyone aligned.”

Supporting marketing transformation.

Adobe’s strategic partners are also adopting this approach. Accenture, Deloitte Digital, Dentsu, IBM iX, and WPP/Wunderman are leveraging Adobe in their own offerings to build and deploy marketing systems of record as part of their clients’ transformation initiatives.