Consistency scales — why connected advertising drives results

The ability to create a consistent consumer journey across every touchpoint is paramount to digital marketing strategies today. Yet Gartner expects that as of 2022, 50% of brands will have failed to unify their engagement channels, meaning consumers are getting a fragmented experience with at least half the brands they interact with.

To help unify customer journeys, Adobe unifies marketing and advertising solutions. Our product suite has everything marketers need to plan, buy, manage, measure, and optimize campaigns across walled gardens and the open internet. In fact, Adobe was the highest scoring solution in the Forrester Wave: Enterprise Marketing Suites due to this integrated offering.

Through the Adobe Advertising native connections with Adobe’s marketing stack — Adobe Target, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform and Adobe Audience Manager — brands can be sure that they are creating a connected experience that is both personalized and scalable.

Adobe Target for Advertising

For a truly consistent customer journey, on-site experiences have to match off-site ones. Adobe Target lets marketers optimize a customer’s onsite experience through AI-powered personalization. Target for Advertising takes this one step further by connecting the paid media experience to each onsite test.

With Target for Advertising, brands can personalize a landing page based on the creative click-through. So when a customer clicks on an ad, the landing page they are taken to will be personalized based on the ad they clicked. Brands can even set up an A/B test to measure the effectiveness of different personalization tactics. The integration ultimately helps ensure customers convert from previous touchpoints and receive a highly personalized experience for cross-channel web and mobile engagement throughout their journey.

The final step of conversion is getting a consumer to your website, but a disjointed experience from the previous touchpoints can be jarring. Target for Advertising makes sure that consumers end their journey on a high note.

Adobe Analytics for Adobe Advertising

To have a consistent customer experience, it’s important to know what is driving success. Adobe Analytics lets brands dive deep into understanding data touchpoints throughout the consumer journey. The native integration with Adobe Advertising means that brands can turn these insights into action to plan and optimize their paid media strategies.

A major contributor to these insights is reporting click-through rate (CTR) and view-through site interactions across browsers that may limit data collection. Knowing how and when customers are most engaged will help brands unify the customer journey and see which tactics may need realignment. Additionally, Adobe Advertising has access to all the first-party data that Analytics collects, which allows for easy remarketing, optimizing toward desired goals or actions, and developing a more robust journey measurement.

Ultimately, measurement is key to making sure your customer experience is consistent. The native connection between Analytics and Advertising lets brands monitor customer engagement across multiple channels.

Real-Time CDP and Audience Manager with Adobe Advertising

Consistent experiences also require brands to know who their audience is and what their unique behaviors are. With Real-Time CDP and Audience Manager, brands can use data to build robust audience segments with deep insights. From there, brands can share and activate these segments within the Adobe Advertising ecosystem. And with Real-Time CDP, this can all be done in an authenticated environment that prepares marketers for a future without third-party cookies.

The B2C and B2B integrations in Real-Time CDP let brands create individualized experiences in a privacy-safe way across touchpoints. Plus, brands can activate unified profiles based on key performance indicators from Adobe Advertising — regardless of channel type.

The Audience Manager connection to Advertising allows brands to pull in metadata, hierarchy data, and unique customer data to create audience segments. Brands can then target these segments to make sure that individuals are receiving the same message across channels at the right time.

Key takeaways

Adobe Advertising’s native connections with Adobe Experience Cloud products ensure that brands can deliver consistent experiences throughout the entire customer journey. Specifically, they can:

Through these connections, Adobe Advertising delivers actionable insights that let marketers improve customer relationships with personalized experiences. Contact your Adobe rep to connect your advertising strategy with your marketing strategy today.