Deliver personalized ad experiences with Adobe Advertising and Unified ID 2.0

Deliver personalized ad experiences with Adobe Advertising and Unified ID 2.0 marquee

Are you prepared for the new age of paid media and digital identity? Chrome has started restricting third-party cookies for 1% of users and will continue to ramp up towards a complete sunset of third-party cookies by Q3 2024. Adding further urgency, 75% of US adults over 30 are concerned about how personal information is used for targeting digital ads, demanding relevancy while still focusing on privacy needs. This combination ultimately means that marketers’ success in increasing sales will be determined by the cookieless strategies they have in place.

Marketers are looking to test robust identity and publisher tools alongside their marketing applications to find the right mix of strategies that will accelerate customer acquisition efforts. That is why Adobe Advertising is thrilled to announce an integration with Unified ID 2.0 to bring even more flexibility to deliver impactful cross-channel advertising campaigns without third-party cookies.

By supporting Unified ID 2.0 natively in the Adobe Advertising DSP, marketers will be able to:

“We welcome Adobe to the growing stable of DSPs who are helping build a new identity fabric across the open internet,” said Gabe Richman, GM of global identity and platforms at The Trade Desk. “Together, we are helping brands leverage their first party data to make their digital advertising more effective and support the content that we all enjoy.”

With this update, marketers can seamlessly discover, forecast, and target Unified ID 2.0 audiences alongside other third-party identity solutions and CDPs already available with the Adobe Advertising DSP — using our refreshed data onboarding tools natively in-platform.

In addition, Adobe will continue to expand our support for partners offering alternatives to third-party cookies throughout 2024. We aim to help ensure that marketers can remain agile when optimizing and measuring advertising across paid, earned, and owned media.

At Adobe Advertising, the customer experience remains a core focus in our mission to bring marketers solutions that help navigate the changing programmatic landscape using a holistic suite of privacy-focused tools. Whether it’s creating audiences for cross-funnel activation using Adobe Real-Time CDP, aligning your onsite messaging with paid media creative using Adobe Target, or analyzing performance across the customer journey with Adobe Analytics, Adobe Experience Cloud powers our advertising solutions to deliver powerful connected experiences regardless of channel or browser.

Reach out to your Advertising rep to learn how you can stand out from the competition using privacy-focused tools that deliver immediate results to your business!