GenAI, content supply chain, and more — the best of Adobe Summit 2023

Generative AI, content supply chain, and more — the best of Adobe Summit 2023

Adobe Summit 2023 revealed revolutionary new ways to drive growth with digital experiences. From generative AI to content supply chain, these are the biggest announcements and groundbreaking moments from the annual event.

Companies everywhere are looking for ways to keep up in the face of market pressure — while doing so with less. The key innovations announced at Summit this year are focused on helping you do just that.

Adobe Chairman and CEO Shantanu Narayen kicked off Summit by describing this vision as experience-led growth.

Experience-led growth means creating more rewarding experiences efficiently and at scale to secure profitability. Businesses must offer personalized experiences across all areas, from marketing and sales to customer service, to provide the meaningful connections customers crave in the digital age. Companies can drive growth as they move ahead in uncertain times by increasing the value to customers and creating stronger connections with meaningful digital-first experiences.

Experience-led growth is our vision for the future of customer experiences

“This is what we call the era of experience-led growth, where both businesses and customers draw value from the entire experience journey,” said Anil Chakravarthy, Adobe president of digital experience business, in his keynote address.

Creating powerful experiences for customers while also realizing revenue growth is entirely possible. You just need the right digital tools to get there.

Chakravarthy revealed that our groundbreaking new tools and features can help you connect all your business areas to provide value across the complete customer experience.

As Chakravarthy later added, every single moment needs to provide value. With fully digital or digitally enabled customer journeys, both customers and companies will find long-lasting usefulness. The technology and tools that we are unveiling and extending this year can help you get there.

One way that Adobe’s digital tools can help customers achieve experience-led growth is through the generative power of AI.

Generative AI, ethics, and experience-led growth

At Summit this year we made the historic announcement that we’re extending artificial intelligence technology to include generative AI, which powers the next evolution of Adobe Sensei.

Adobe Sensei GenAI is a family of services integrated into our existing products. They serve as a copilot to enhance human ingenuity and creativity without replacing it. You stay in creative control, while generative AI helps you go farther and faster to create holistic digital experiences. You’ll be able to stay ahead by providing transformative experiences at scale.

These generative AI capabilities are available at your fingertips to make your work more intuitive, scalable, and effective. They can fuel everything from content creation to marketing planning, execution, and analysis. They can give you a head start and build momentum as you design distinctive audiences, campaigns, and experiences. These integrated, connected tools make it possible to simplify workflows — and speed up content production and delivery.

In addition to innovative tools that boost creativity and productivity, we’re leading the way forward by creating ethical use and intellectual property standards that set the example for AI users everywhere. Chakravarthy explained our three guiding principles — accountability, responsibility, and transparency.

Watch how generative AI works in real time in our on-demand session The Best of generative AI at Adobe Summit.

How a content supply chain helped Prudential Financial personalize experiences for 50 million customers

Delivering tailored content in real time is crucial to achieving experience-led growth, and demand is growing. Adobe found that demand for personalized content delivered in real time has doubled in the last couple of years and is expected to grow fivefold in the next few years. Businesses are under pressure to meet demand without increasing budgets.

To help businesses meet this demand, Adobe announced another exciting innovation — the first comprehensive content supply chain solution. Our unique collection of content creation, delivery, measurement, and optimization was designed to deliver timely and personalized content to millions of users in an instant — and help you achieve profitable growth.

It’s also essential for a content supply chain to maintain privacy and governance, as Prudential Financial discovered. At Summit, Susan Somersille Johnson, chief marketing officer for Prudential Financial, took the stage to explain how Prudential leads with trust to connect with consumers.

“They need confidence,” said Somersille Johnson about customers. “They need relevant information, and they need it fast.” The content supply chain helped Prudential Financial deliver personalized experiences for 50 million customers, catering to their diverse needs, from investing and insurance to retirement and security.

Adobe’s solution enabled Prudential Financial to provide tailored information within a privacy-enabled framework built on customer consent. With this approach, Prudential Financial was able to enhance trust, strengthen brand connections, and optimize its marketing effectiveness.

More from 2023 Adobe Summit

Summit keynote speakers made it clear — content and data, enabled by digital tools, deliver incredible customer experiences. With AI as your copilot, the potential is limitless. In addition to generative AI and the content supply chain, we announced and demonstrated many other innovations to help you stay ahead and deliver comprehensively tailored experiences.

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