The Adobe Real-Time CDP technical practitioner certification is here

The Adobe Real-Time CDP technical practitioner certification is here

It’s no secret that “customer data platforms” (CDPs) has been a buzzworthy term among marketers and technologists over the last several years. CDPs offer the capability to unify cross-channel data and deliver consistent modality interactions. Market forces like third-party cookie deprecation and privacy regulations have led organizations to look for and adopt new solutions that help to achieve a trusted first-party data strategy.

Today, Adobe is announcing the availability of our Real-Time CDP certification for technical practitioners. By offering this certification, Adobe is helping connect our customers to valuable, vetted resources that will help them through this exciting first-party data revolution.

Adobe Real-Time CDP, powered by Adobe Experience Platform, is a market-leading customer data platform. Real-Time CDP allows customers to build actionable unified profiles for comprehensive customer analysis and leverage built-in governance controls to ensure data is used responsibly. It also provides an open and extensible architecture so that organizations can expand use cases over time.

As more and more organizations adopt Real-Time CDP, what comes into focus is the importance of executing use cases and achieving ROI. And a critical component of this is people. Organizations need trusted and verified resources to help implement and extract value from their CDP investment.

How it was built

To ensure that the Real-Time CDP certification is comprehensive, Adobe partnered with Deloitte, Merkle, Infosys, and Bounteous to develop the certification. Building exams is a multi-step process that includes defining a target audience, documenting job tasks, creating questions, conducting a technical review, performing beta examination, and determining a passing score.

Through this process, we determined that the exam for technical practitioners needed to measure knowledge in audience segmentation, destinations, real-time profile activation, privacy policy implementation, and more.

The certification will not only be fulfilling for those who pass it but was an enlightening experience for those who participated in the experience as well. “I’m excited to have been part of the development of this certification,” said Mohammed Shuaib, Program Manager of the Adobe Credential Program. “Participating in the process really opened my eyes to the complexity and immense value of Real-Time CDP. Those who get certified will not only be able to showcase their extensive knowledge but will also be a great asset to the companies they work for and with.”

Real-Time CDP is one of several new applications built on Adobe Experience Cloud Platform. Given this, we are also introducing an Adobe Experience Platform technical foundations exam. You can take this non-badged exam alongside the Real-Time CDP exam and other application exams moving forward. With Adobe Experience Platform serving as the go-forward architectural foundation for Adobe applications, it’s also critical that we measure knowledge in this area.

Spot the talent

After completing the Real-Time CDP technical practitioner certification, successful candidates will receive a digitized badge that can be promoted on LinkedIn and company websites, featured in a customer pitch, mentioned in an interview, or even included in print collateral. This heralded badge demonstrates that an individual or company has the required skills to conceptualize, design, and realize a customer’s Real-Time CDP implementation and configuration. Additionally, customers can also easily find and verify trusted partners and talent for their business through their recognition of the digital badge.

Get certified today

The Real-Time CDP technical practitioner exam is available today. To learn more about exam qualification, suggested preparation, and other questions, visit the Real-Time CDP certification Spark page.

What’s next?

Look out for a Real-Time CDP business practitioner exam soon.