Adobe Experience Cloud drives personalization at scale for retailers

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Over 80% of consumers who increased their digital usage during the pandemic plan to continue to do so moving forward. As customer engagement with retailers increasingly moves online, and across a variety of channels, customers have higher expectations around the quality of their digital interactions. In turn, they have become more open to exploring different shopping options and have made it more important for retailers to deliver personalized experiences at scale to customers in real time.

When it comes to personalization, there is an opportunity for retailers to drive revenue growth, increase customer satisfaction, and build customer loyalty. Research from McKinsey shows companies with a deep focus on personalization drive revenue growth 40% more than those who do not.

Adobe Experience Cloud, powered by Adobe Experience Platform, makes it easy for brands to personalize their digital experiences at scale for millions of users thanks to cutting-edge technologies like Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning framework. The Total Economic Impact of Adobe Experience Cloud, a July 2021 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Adobe, shows this helps increase the speed of creating digital customer experiences by 28% and grows customer conversions by 20%.

Thousands of brands are already leveraging Adobe Experience Cloud to deliver personalized experiences at scale. Some examples:

With Adobe Experience Cloud, these retailers have a real-time pulse on consumer shopping journeys and are able to enable personalization in the moments that count and create value to customers across interactions.

As the demand for personalized experiences increases and more brands accelerate their omnichannel strategy, Adobe is committed to continuing to deliver on customer personalization and to growing our offerings to help retailers meet the demands of a changing market. This week, we announced several new tools to help retailers increase customer engagement and build customer loyalty.