Introducing the new Adobe customer credential program

Introducing the new Adobe customer credential program

Adobe Digital Learning Services (ADLS) has launched a new customer credential program built specifically for business end-user and marketer job roles who use our solutions on a daily basis. Customers can now view information about our new program and sign up for our first credential exam here.

Our first live customer credential in this new program is the  Adobe Qualified: Adobe Experience Manager Sites Content Author. This credential is designed for Adobe Experience Manager Sites business users who author and manage web pages in their organization’s instance.

What is the ADLS Adobe Qualified Credential Program?

With this program, business end users and marketers will have the opportunity to pursue and receive a credential that validates their skills and knowledge. While Adobe has an existing certification for implementers and technical job roles, this ADLS Adobe Qualified Credential program extends credentialing to a much larger and more generalized audience.

What is the value for Adobe’s customers?

Those who take and pass the exam will receive a credential and badge. Earning this credential provides confidence in training value received, validation of skills and knowledge, and realization of ultimate value from Adobe solutions. An individual with the Adobe Qualified Credential benefits from:

What Adobe Experience Cloud products will have a credential?

The first credential available is for Experience Manager Sites (Adobe Qualified: Adobe Experience Manager Sites Content Author). Development of the Adobe Qualified: Adobe Analytics Data Analyst credential for Adobe Analytics is underway, and upcoming credentials will be in Adobe Target, Adobe Campaign, and Adobe Marketo Engage (future solution areas to be decided).

How are Adobe Experience Manager Champions reacting to this credential?

As a crucial part of the credentialing program launch, the Adobe Experience Manager Champion Program members partnered with Adobe Digital Learning Services to provide feedback on the credentialing program blueprint and encourage users to participate in the credential beta exam. This Champion group consists of customers and partners from across the globe, representing some of Adobe’s most passionate and knowledgeable Adobe Experience Manager users.

When asked what excited them about the launch of the Experience Manager Sites Content Author credential, and the value they believe will come from earning this credential, here’s what some of these Champion leaders had to say:

Brett Birschbach, VP, Adobe Experience Manager Engineering, Bounteous

“The Experience Manager Sites Content Author Exam and Credential are key additions to being a certified Experience Manager developer or architect to ensure your solutions are not only technically sound, but actually enabling the business users they are intended to serve.”

Brett Birschbach, Senior Vice President of Adobe Experience Manager Engineering, Bounteous

Greg Dimeris, Web Content Manager, T. Rowe Price

“While there are credentials and certifications for practitioners at other levels (e.g., admins, developers, architects), content authors haven’t had a chance to be credentialed. Authors are an integral part of the Experience Manager equation, and it’s important to have skilled Experience Manager authors that can train others and receive the credentials they need as well.

“Other roles that could benefit from this credential and badge are front-end developers, data architects and smaller organization digital marketers, and people in sales who might need to understand the Experience Manager platform ins and outs in order to better understand integrations and synergies with other platforms, data streams, and content they might be using in conjunction with Experience Manager."

Greg Dimeris, Web Content Manager, T. Rowe Price

Rami El-Gamal, Senior Solutions Architect, ATCO

"This credential is all about how to use Experience Manager to serve your business in the best way possible. It is really where you see the value of the product and business impact.

I have always been on the other side of the table, the implementor, not the user. Having this credential proves that I can successfully use the main functionalities of the product. This is essential to an implementor because they need to understand what the product can do before building on it."

Rami Elgamal, Senior Solutions Architect, RENY Consulting

The Adobe Qualified: Adobe Experience Manager Sites Content Author exam and credential are now available.

Visit our site for more information on the exam, its accompanying training, and how to sign up.