Streamline cross-channel campaign creation and unlock new use cases with new Adobe Campaign user interface

Streamline cross-channel campaign creation and unlock new use cases with new Adobe Campaign user interface marquee

Marketers are continuously challenged to adapt to new channels, engage with customers in innovative ways, and most importantly, do so efficiently. After releasing Adobe Campaign v8 on Managed Cloud Services last year, we’re thrilled to announce a significant leap forward in helping customers meet these challenges with a new user interface for Adobe Campaign v8 included with the February 2024 release.

The new user interface has been built for UX consistency with the Adobe Experience Platform helping with greater interoperability and streamlined workflows across applications, thus making it more seamless for organizations to share audiences and enhance the campaigns they execute in Adobe Campaign. Furthermore, campaigns can be informed by real-time customer experiences triggered by Adobe Journey Optimizer.

Master audience creation with audience composition

Adobe Campaign features an advanced query modeler that allows you to extract valuable insights from your data and an updated visual workflow canvas for creating, managing, refining, and enriching audiences more easily. With advanced segmentation and conditional triggers, your campaigns can be built with dynamic and personalized fields to help boost performance. Audience composition provides a visual workspace to build and edit audiences. Beyond creating new audiences, you can leverage workflow activities to narrow your audience, combine multiple audiences into one, add external attributes to your, or divide audiences based on rules of your choice. Audience composition in Adobe Campaign is also now a consistent user experience with Journey Optimizer and Real-Time CDP.

Gone are the days of wrestling with complex syntax and custom code or navigating through cumbersome interfaces.

Flexible approach to content authoring

Design cross-channel content through a visual drag-and-drop content editor. You can start from scratch, build with existing templates, or use generative AI features to generate and refine text, images, and HTML email (in beta).

create your email screenshot

Expanded functionality for landing page creation

Instantly design and share landing pages with built-in templates. Manage acquisitions, subscriptions, and deny-list use cases seamlessly in a user-friendly environment.

Unleash possibilities with the broader Adobe ecosystem

Seamlessly integrated into the Adobe Experience Platform, Adobe Campaign v8 offers a cohesive and interconnected digital experience with other applications like Adobe Real-Time CDP and Journey Optimizer. This integration empowers you to transfer Adobe Experience Platform audiences to Adobe Campaign and receive delivery and tracking logs back in Adobe Experience Platform for detailed analysis. In turn, you can incorporate Adobe Experience Platform profile attributes into Adobe Campaign — establishing a synchronized process for regular updates to ensure accuracy and relevance. Integration between Campaign, Real-Time CDP, and Journey Optimizer can enhance marketing strategies and streamline your campaign workflows for optimal performance.

Adobe Campaign customers can embrace these powerful features and capabilities to stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape. Elevate your marketing campaigns, engage your audience, and ensure you are leveraging context from real-time customer signals. Stay tuned for more innovations in Adobe Campaign with generative AI features helping increase productivity and agility.

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