Top 5 capabilities recently released in Adobe Journey Optimizer

Top 5 capabilities recently released in Adobe Journey Optimizer

We recently highlighted five capabilities in Adobe Journey Optimizer that you might not be using — but should be. From real-time event signals to dynamic content and precision geofencing, we uncovered hidden gems and shared the secret recipe that makes Journey Optimizer the most powerful next-generation customer journey management and engagement application in the market. With Adobe Summit EMEA having highlighted a host of fantastic new product announcements and innovations, today we are shining the spotlight on the biggest and most recently released capabilities in Journey Optimizer you can use today.

Here are our favorites:

Content experimentation

Release: May 2023

Whether you are a journey manager, growth marketer, product owner, or conversion rate optimizer, A/B testing is one of the most crucial tools in your toolbox. Content experimentation in Journey Optimizer unlocks the power to create experiments on any Journey Optimizer channel in a simple and consistent way. It also empowers users to do so against any content object, including email subject lines, message body, in-app experiences, and entire webpages.

With content experimentation, you can select any number of direct or indirect engagement metrics from across the user funnel — including email opens or clicks through to page engagement, downloads, conversions, and revenue. To evaluate the result of your experiment and make informed decisions, you can quickly access a comprehensive experimentation report with lift and confidence.

Through a deep partnership with the data scientists in our Adobe Research organization, content experimentation in Journey Optimizer employs anytime-valid confidence sequences as the statistical engine, empowering you to launch an experiment without defining a sample size and eliminating the peeking risk prevalent in other approaches. Go forward with confidence knowing you will be seeing valid results at every step of the way.

To learn more and get started, visit Experience League.

Mobile in-app messaging

Release: March 2023

Mobile in-app is a new messaging channel for delivering highly immersive, engaging, and personalized overlay-style experiences in your mobile app. In-app messages can include new-user onboarding, “Quick Start” guides, content recommendations, or alerts and let you quickly and seamlessly engage your users. Increase product adoption and guide users to the most valuable experiences in your mobile app.

With mobile in-app in Journey Optimizer, you will see:

To get started today, learn more about In-app messages at Adobe Experience League.

Website engagement and personalization

Release: April 2023

For many marketers, the website is the most important communication and engagement channel available — the front door to the brand. Ensuring that website experiences are not only personalized, but personalized in concert with every other engagement touchpoint and with a holistic point of view on customer context will define the next generation of customer engagement tactics and customer journey management.

By bringing a full web personalization editor natively into Journey Optimizer, marketers can now create personalized web experiences with an intuitive visual editor by using the common foundation of data, content, templates, offers, and assets found in every Journey Optimizer channel. The same content that you author for an email can be quickly deployed to your website with no switching costs or a swivel chair.

Major highlights of the web channel in Journey Optimizer include:

To get started now, review our documentation and video tutorials.

Audience creation and management experience

Release: July 2023

Compelling audiences, managed effectively, are a central currency of a best-in-class personalization strategy. Where organizations are fragmented or have myriad systems creating and managing audiences, valuable work can be duplicated or can languish simply because of lack of organizational awareness or interoperability between systems. With the new centralized management experience in Adobe Experience Platform, Adobe is providing a standardized audience object and repeatable patterns for audience creation and onboarding — both by API and via the Experience Platform interface. Audiences bring users to a central place to manage, create, govern, and collaborate with audiences — resulting in much more efficient operations and creating huge savings by cutting expenses.

With the new Audiences framework in Adobe Experience Platform, you can:

Learn more about how to break down data silos with the new audience framework.

Audience composition canvas

Release: July 2023

Built on the Audiences framework, the brand-new audience composition canvas is a graphical, canvas-based approach to creating an audience, allowing for enhanced segmentation capabilities that provide richer audiences for personalization. Personalizing across audiences is becoming increasingly complex. A common audience may require one cohort to be included and another to be excluded based on the use case — for example, when ranked against the propensity to churn or purchase. With the audience composition, marketers can interact visually with their audiences, combining audiences or excluding cohorts in a step-by-step workflow that constantly builds out the current audience population.

Key capabilities of the Audience composition canvas include:

Learn more about audience composition on Adobe Experience League.

What’s coming next

Adobe Journey Optimizer is embracing generative AI with new features on the horizon to infuse Adobe Sensei GenAI into experimentation, journey creation, use case templates, and productivity workflows.

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Jason Hickey is a principal product marketer for Adobe Journey Optimizer. For the past 15 years, he has been immersed in the personalization and real-time engagement space — first as an end user of Adobe applications, and then as a technical solutions architect, strategic consultant, and product marketer. Hickey is highly passionate about data-driven decision making and is now sharing all things Journey Optimizer with the world.