What Will The Future Of Advertising Look Like?

What Will The Future Of Advertising Look Like?

Advertising is all around us. And the more that new technologies, channels, and platforms take root, the more potential ways advertisers will be successful getting their messages seen, heard, and experienced.

All that is to say: Opportunities are limitless.

What’s next? In this installment of CMO Wants To Know , we asked five thought leaders to share their predictions. Here’s what they see in the future.

Technology continues to rapidly transform every industry, presenting challenges but also opportunities as we look to help our clients achieve real growth. I have said for some time that we are facing a period of structural change, not structural decline. CMOs are under pressure to deliver not only powerful brands through advertising, but to become more broadly accountable for innovation, experience, and growth. What they need is a partner who can help them pick their way through the promise of technology to identify what’s meaningful to their customers and will drive results. As agencies, we recognize that marketing is now a creative and a technology problem, and we will be successful if we work collaboratively to help our clients navigate this more complicated world.

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