Retail experiences so good your customers will take it personally.

Transactions come and go, but earning loyalty is ongoing. When your retail experiences can cut through the noise and show your customers you understand exactly what they’re looking for, they’ll keep coming back for more.


Find out how unified data, dynamic content, and AI at scale can ensure every customer gets a hyper-personalized experience to match their needs.

A unified view of your customer lets you tailor every shopping experience to an audience of one.

When you’re able to create and deliver personalized shopping experiences on your customers’ terms, you don’t just define the future of retail. You own it.

Personalization in retail and travel.

Find out why the retail and travel industries are falling behind in digital personalization, and what you can learn from industry leaders who are taking the initiative in today’s business climate.

Personalization in retail goes under the microscope.

Learn the nuances of personalization across geographical regions, as well as retail subindustries as well as retail formats including grocery, apparel, general merchandise, and specialty. See how retailers stack up against one another and learn what you can do to fine-tune your own personalization efforts.

Data is retail’s most important inventory.

Data is your key to creating powerful, impactful experiences both in person and online. But capturing and organizing that data can be tricky, especially in a cookieless world. Learn how to create a strong data foundation to reap the rewards of personalization at scale and stay competitive, even without third-party cookies.

Learn about our customer success in retail.

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Learn more about our retail solutions for personalization at scale.

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Build multi-channel commerce experiences on a single platform.

The way businesses and consumers shop has radically changed, and it’s continuing to change going forward. This means delivering personalized shopping and purchasing experiences with a flexible and scalable commerce solution is essential for growing your business.