Hit your goals by getting the right people on the right projects

Successful project delivery begins with accurate resource management. With Workfront’s enterprise resource management tools, you can see how much work each team member has and automatically assign the right people to the highest-value projects.

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Work done right started with assignments done right

At any given moment in an organisation some resources are stretched thin while others are idly waiting on the next assignment. Inefficient resource management can lead to burnout, missed deadlines and increased turnover.

To maximise your output while making strategic use of your teams’ skills, you need resource management tools that give you visibility into everyone’s current and future capacity. That way you can confidently assign incoming work to the right people at the right time.

Adobe can help

Adobe can help

Adobe Workfront est une solution de gestion du travail destinée aux grandes entreprises qui définit les priorités des tâches en fonction des objectifs et de la stratégie de votre société. Les outils visuels intégrés de gestion des ressources centralisant l'information sur la capacité de votre équipe, vous avez l'assurance d'assigner les tâches prioritaires aux bonnes ressources.

Voici comment Adobe et Workfront vous aident à répondre aux demandes et à respecter les délais de manière stratégique :

Strategic work assignments
See your team’s current and upcoming workloads and use automations to quickly prioritise and assign work to the team best suited to get the job done.

Real-time insights

Get up-to-date views into project progress and resource use so you can keep work moving without risking burnout or going over budget.

Scenario planning
Compare potential scenarios to see where you may have resource gaps that could slow down work before it happens.

Work forecasting

Identify when you’ll be able to take on new work, where bottlenecks might occur and when it makes sense to staff up.

“We can quickly see how much time and money is spent on materials and tooling; so we can assess planning versus actuals. This is a huge help with forward planning.”


Senior PMO Manager, Sound Solutions International

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