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Shared Audiences

You can create and manage audience segments based on any behavior and share that audience segment seamlessly within Adobe Experience Cloud for activation in other Adobe Experience Cloud products.


Audiences without borders.

Action is the end game for all your data gathering and insight finding. If you can’t take action, then those valuable insights are wasted. Some of the most valuable insights for you to act on are audience segments that you’ve created, refined, and developed real understanding of. As you create and analyze these audience segments, you want to bring this understanding to bear through testing, targeting, and campaign optimization.

With Adobe Analytics, you can take this action by using shared audiences. This feature lets take the segments you’ve created in Analytics and that are based on any number of behaviors and share them with your products in Adobe Experience Cloud.

Simple segment building

Segmentation is our bread and butter. Easily build segments either as a part of a plan or on the fly with our Segment Builder. Then analyze them immediately in Analysis Workspace.

Experience Cloud integration

Easily share any segment you've built across Adobe Experience Cloud for activities and targeting in Adobe Target, Advertising Cloud, and Campaign.

Learn how Analytics and Target work together

Smart segment editing

Edit or delete published audience segments. If a segment you’re editing is in use, you’ll receive a warning message.


Learn more about shared audiences in Adobe Analytics. | Integrate existing segments

Integrate existing segments.

Learn how to share existing segments from Audience Manager into Analytics in real time.

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Discover and build audiences.

Visit this help page to see how you can use Analytics Segment Builder to create historical audiences.

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Identify and share audiences.

Visit our help page to learn the steps you need to take to identify and reach people across several devices.

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Learn more about sharing segments.

Check out the Adobe Experience Cloud Help section on sharing segments for details on features, workflows, FAQ, and more.

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