Batch experience prefetch

Prefetch and cache the experience variations from testing and personalization activities across your customer journey. These help you deliver always-on personalization, even when internet or network connection cuts out, and it increases speed and performance of experience delivery.


Network connection off, personalization on.

It happens. Internet and network connections go down or time out, leaving your customers stranded in the middle of their digital journey or during their interaction with your brand. It’s a challenge for every business — identifying customers and optimizing their experiences even when your connection is lost.

Batch experience prefetch eliminates the worry and chaos, ensuring always-on personalization even if visitors lose their internet connection. Simply set up your app so that each app launch makes a single request to Target for all experience variations from live optimization activities and a snapshot of the visitor profile. Target then caches that information, and anytime a visitor interacts with your app, Target quickly determines and delivers the relevant experiences at the activity locations throughout your app. That means that if a visitor loses their internet connection and then regains it later, Target will automatically update their experience to be relevant and personalized no matter where they are.


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Always-on personalization
Adobe Target collects all the experience variations for your visitors specifically based on the visitor snapshot when they are connected to the internet. When the profile changes, Target will update the variations dynamically. So even if visitors lose their internet connection, the personalization is always on.

Smoother experiences
Use batch experience prefetch on single-page apps, server-side optimization, and mobile apps to deliver a smoother experience across multiple touchpoints.

Performance at scale
By caching all the hundreds or thousands of experience variations for the visitor both on our global Edge network and locally, the visitor will get a tailored experience every time.

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Less frequent fetching.

Check out our Target Help page to learn about prefetch offer content and how it caches server responses to reduce fetching as much as possible.

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