Audience insights that are smarter, deeper, and, of course, more insightful.

Audience insights will drive your business forward. Whether it’s spotlighting an anomaly that leads to a new market opportunity, helping campaign forecasting and planning, or getting a high-level view of your customer’s journey.

Go deep with audience insights.

Not all insights are created equal. That’s because the quality of the insight is based on the quality of the data. Often times, that data is incomplete. But when you can merge together all your audience data from browser cookies to customer IDs and fill in the gaps with third-party data, you’ll have one of the key components for better insights — the coveted 360-degree view of your customer.

After that, you’ll need best-in-class, comprehensive reporting. Tools that can cover everything from highlighting audience segments and overlaps to comparing DSPs for optimizing programmatic media buys to following media performance across disparate data sources.

Combined together, you can gain deeper insights from behaviors on both traditional and emerging channels, like retail beacons, IOT and OTT devices, set-top boxes, and more. This allows you to make smarter optimizations and targeting decisions to move customers through the conversion path.

Adobe can help.

Adobe can help.

Only Adobe Audience Manager lets you see your customers in a whole new light. By using audience reports, you can refine the accuracy and depth of your audience understanding. You can find trends, identify tendencies, learn about new, potential segment matches, and much more. We also have powerful reporting for publishers, allowing your ad sales team to deepen their audience insights and optimize their segmentation strategy.

As a part of Adobe Experience Cloud, you can also bring together data from Adobe Analytics for more robust, consolidated reporting that will also let you optimize your marketing efforts and bring you unrivaled customer intelligence.

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“Delivering a great experience really begins with the data. We use Adobe Audience Manager as our central data warehouse, acting as the foundation for us to drive customer insight.”

Gordon Ho, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and North America Sales, Princess Cruises

Audience insight features


使用 Segment Builder 将档案分组为细分,以定向最有价值的用户并实时测算细分受众的数量,以便提高营销活动的成效。




通过 Adobe Analytics 的双向实时数据传输功能,获得无与伦比的客户智能。通过将两个来源汇集在一起,受众分析可提供更强大的整合报告,该报告可提供细分级别的绩效,以便实现更好的优化。

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