Better audience segmentations lead to stronger connections.

Audience segmentation is about splitting up your market into smaller groups based on certain criteria. It’s the cornerstone for every campaign. But as users evolve and elude, you’ll need more advanced approaches to consistently deliver the perfect message to the exact audience at the right time.

Out with old traditional segments. In with segments reimagined.

Ever since the Internet was turned on, a firehose of data has been filling the servers of marketers. To make sense of it all, audience segmentation was born, bucketing together audiences based mostly on demographic data. Although grouping customers based on age, gender, and income provided some guidance, it also contained many shortcomings.

Now, as the abundance and variety of data grows exponentially, there’s an opportunity to tap into these newfound sources and overcome the deficiencies of traditional audience segmentation. New audience segmentations take into account customers moving from device to device and channel to channel. By bringing together a trove of first-party data with second- and third-party data, you’ll create a full, multi-faceted profile. All while complying with strict privacy laws. 

With these robust profiles, segments can be defined based on behavior, personal interests, unique needs and more. And when you apply advanced audience segmentation capabilities, you can revolve your marketing efforts around the customer with unprecedented flexibility and control.

Adobe can help.

Adobe can help.

Adobe Audience Manager redefines audience segmentation by using online and offline data to build high-value segments based on behavior. It merges user identities from devices and touchpoints, while letting you bring in data from pre-existing integrations, including leading data providers, offline data on-boarders, ad servers, device graphs, and more.

Using Adobe Sensei, Audience Manager can expand your reach by finding similar audiences. And with the seamless integration of other Adobe Experience Cloud solutions, including Analytics, Advertising Cloud, and Campaign, you can import your audiences for an unparalelled, multi-faceted view of your customers.

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“With Adobe solutions, WestJet is reaching customers with relevant and compelling campaigns that help drive better conversion and improve the online guest experience."

Jason Wiegand, Manager of Digital Analytics and Optimization, WestJet

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通过 Adobe Analytics 的双向实时数据传输功能,获得无与伦比的客户智能。通过将两个来源汇集在一起,受众分析可提供更强大的整合报告,该报告可提供细分级别的绩效,以便实现更好的优化。

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查看受众与所选定向平台(例如 DSP)之间的重叠,以便在激活细分之前预测和规划营销活动效果。也可以选择与广告服务、DSP、广告网络等目的地共享数据。

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