Accelerate your data to real-time action.

Taking action in real time can make the difference between gaining a customer for life or losing them to a competitor. When you overcome the manual processes of yesterday and enable real-time actions across your DMP, you can capitalize on data and insights as they occur to deliver optimal experiences at the right time.

When you feel the need for speed, we deliver.

Moving at today’s pace is challenging. There’s a staggering amount of data. But for data that gets analyzed, any insights might already be outdated by the time the report is published. Compounding the problems are traditional DMPs. Many of them only handle static data, unable to capture the benefits of real-time updates.

To bring real-time actions to your marketing stack, you need a modern, experience-focused DMP — one that can ingest real-time data transfers and integrate with destinations that can receive data on the fly. You’ll also need sources of real-time data as well as tools that analyze and provide insight. Lastly, you need capabilities that will allow you to take meaningful actions to create new segments, refresh customer information, retarget a population and much more — all in real time.

Adobe can help.

Adobe can help.

Adobe Audience Manager tracks customer behaviors as they happen. With that data you can uncover insights in real time and send new, refreshed segments to dozens of destinations via a server-to-server transfer. 

Using Adobe Sensei intelligence, you’ll find our look-alike modeling is among the fastest available, which enables you to quickly identify and extend your reach. And with built-in Audience Lab, the industry’s first-to-market A/B testing of segments, you can finally measure the effectiveness of your segments and deliver real-time results.

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“Delivering a great experience really begins with the data. We use Adobe Audience Manager as our central data warehouse, acting as the foundation for us to drive customer insight.”

Gordon Ho, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and North America Sales, Princess Cruises

Real-time action features




使用由 Adobe Sensei 提供支持的专有 TraitWeight 算法,将您的触及范围扩展到核心客户之外,并从第三方数据中发现新的、独特的高价值受众。


通过 Adobe Analytics 的双向实时数据传输功能,获得无与伦比的客户智能。通过将两个来源汇集在一起,受众分析可提供更强大的整合报告,该报告可提供细分级别的绩效,以便实现更好的优化。

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