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Innogy engages community with video delivered faster than ever using Adobe Creative Cloud mobile and desktop workflows.

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Inform the public about critical information impacting the energy industry and power costs

Keep 42,000 employees updated about the latest company news

Produce creative, engaging video in short timeframes


450 videos produced in one year using fast and seamless video workflows

Shot, edited, and uploaded polished videos from a mobile device

Engaged the community with relevant videos delivered quickly

42K employees kept informed and connected during a complex merger using video interviews and livestreams

Connecting the community with high-impact messages

Energy is part of every aspect of modern society, powering work, leisure, and home lives. Many people care deeply about the future of energy and want to know what power companies are doing to support renewable energy efforts and keep energy flowing.

Innogy takes communicating with customers seriously. A subsidiary of RWE AG focused on renewable energy and retail energy services, Innogy serves 23 million customers as Germany’s leading energy company. When it comes to communications, video plays a major role in Innogy’s approach to keeping the public and its own employees informed.

To achieve its communications goals, Innogy created an in-house television studio that supports video production. Investing in a studio was far more cost effective than contracting with a creative agency for each video. More importantly, working in-house makes video production more flexible and allows Innogy to quickly respond to topics in the news, as well as provide ongoing, quality communications inside and outside the company.

Adobe Creative Cloud is the foundation for all video production at Innogy. With a wide range of creative apps, Innogy can quickly create professional and polished videos that engage customers or employees. Innogy works with desktop and fast notebook computers and has long relied on Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing. Recently the company started using Adobe Premiere Rush to create video content on the go.

“When Adobe Premiere Rush came to market, I was delighted,” says Martin Pack, Executive Producer at Innogy. “Now, I can quickly and easily produce short stories on my smartphone and tablet.”

“Adobe Creative Cloud includes every creative tool that we need for video production in one package. With Adobe Creative Cloud, we can produce more videos that keep the community and coworkers involved in the most interesting and innovative news from Innogy.”

Martin Pack

Executive Producer, Innogy SE

Balancing creativity and speed

One challenge the Innogy video production team faces is balancing the need for creativity and polish with the desire to get new content in front of viewers as soon as possible. Using Premiere Pro and Premiere Rush, Innogy creates both long and short videos for all audiences. Adobe Premiere Pro works best for long-form content or complex edits where the video production team wants to film footage with professional camera, sound, and lighting equipment.

Innogy switches to Adobe Premiere Rush to record content on mobile devices and edit it on the go, such as providing short updates from events or showing the view from an offshore wind farm. While the video production team uses Premiere Pro for most of its videos, about a quarter of its videos are now produced using Premiere Rush.

For Innogy customers and members of the public, Innogy produces videos meant to inform and entertain. People can watch profiles on community science events, listen to interviews with the Innogy CEO about the future of the company, or learn how different energy regulations affect energy costs.

Video is an equally important part of internal communications with Innogy’s 42,000 employees. This is particularly true today, as a recent merger between RWE and E.ON has prompted a complex internal reorganization. Frequent video communications keep all employees in the loop, which helps to reduce insecurity and stress amongst the workforce. Small films explain how departments and plants work together and contribute to the Innogy business. The company has also recently been taking advantage of livestreaming technology to hold interactive talks between top managers and employees from across the company.

Video production tools for every occasion

“We produced 450 videos last year, including interviews, short films, interactive livestreams, and board member sessions,” says Pack. “Adobe Creative Cloud includes every creative tool that we need for video production in one package. With Adobe Creative Cloud, we can produce more videos that keep the community and coworkers involved in the most interesting and innovative news from Innogy.”

Editors working with Premiere Pro can quickly combine video from any type of camera into one timeline. They can push audio from this timeline into Adobe Audition to remove noise and create a crisp sound, or use Adobe After Effects to add titles, animations, and graphics that draw audiences in. Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries makes it simple for members of the video team to share video clips, graphics, or other assets with each other, enhancing speeds by encouraging closer collaboration.

Premiere Rush combines the speed and ease of mobile video capture and editing with the rich functionality found in Premiere Pro, including titles, color grading, audio mixing, and motion graphics.

Producers no longer need to navigate exhibition halls at events with bulky camera, sound, and lighting equipment. With just a mobile phone or tablet, they can quickly interview attendees or show off an innovative technology display. Then they can use Premiere Rush to edit and upload video directly from the exhibition floor. The workflow is so intuitive that the video team can get more people involved in filming, leading to more exciting content and new perspectives.

“Working with Adobe Premiere Rush allows us to shoot, edit, and upload on the go so that viewers can feel like they’re a part of the action.”

Martin Pack

Executive Producer, Innogy SE

“Adobe Premiere Rush combines speed and mobility with essential functionality for professional videos,” says Pack. “We can mix music and voiceover, add subtitles, and use color filters to smooth out the harsh lighting in an exhibition hall—all from our mobile phones. Working with Adobe Premiere Rush allows us to shoot, edit, and upload on the go so that viewers can feel like they’re a part of the action.”

Connecting with viewers

Innogy recently expanded its Creative Cloud workflow by incorporating Adobe Stock. Supplemental or stock footage can play an important role in helping viewers better understand the message of a video. Watching video of buses driving through busy streets may help a customer better connect with an interviewer’s talk about the role of green energy in transportation.

Innogy’s video production team doesn’t have the time or resources to spend filming these scenes, but with Adobe Stock, they can access millions of photographs, illustrations, graphics, and video clips.

“Video allows us to share stories and bring the Innogy brand to life in a way that no other medium can,” says Pack. “Working with Adobe supports our mission to produce informative, creative and relevant videos for our viewers.”


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