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Oregon Community Credit Union connects members with relevant and valuable financial services using Adobe Campaign.

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managed by continuously optimizing campaigns and audiences


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Make the most out of limited resources to encourage new membership and greater engagement from existing members

Shift members towards self-service channels by encouraging seamless transactions on web and mobile

Engage in ongoing data management to improve understanding of customers and improve targeting and personalization


235% exceeded credit card campaign goals with dynamic emails and seamless acceptance workflow

Connects members with financial products that help them achieve their dreams

6x more targeted campaigns managed by continuously optimizing campaigns and audiences

Reduced unsubscribe rates on emails by delivering targeted content to audience segments

Making a difference

When Oregon Community Credit Union (OCCU) asked members why they trusted OCCU as a lifelong financial partner, one phrase came up again and again: “It’s different here.” Unlike other institutions in the area, OCCU understands its fellow Oregonians and works hard to build a better future for its member-owners and for the community.

With 158,000 member-owners, OCCU must make the most out of limited resources to compete with international financial brands.

“One of the ways that OCCU stands apart from the competition is through our incredibly high-quality of member service,” says Britni Hartford, Vice President of Marketing at OCCU. “When looking at digital marketing, we want to make sure that we’re giving members personal and relevant messages, but we need to do it as efficiently as possible.”

Previously, OCCU’s marketing team worked with the business intelligence team to deliver targeted email campaigns through MailChimp. The teams constructed a targeted list of names from scratch for each campaign—a task that was so time-consuming that the marketing team normally could only manage two targeted campaigns at once.

The marketing team decided that it needed to move away from disconnected campaigns and use a reliable digital platform for ongoing campaign optimization. OCCU chose to work with Adobe Experience Cloud to run and optimize email and print marketing campaigns for its customers. Adobe Campaign manages and automates these targeted campaigns, pulling in customer intelligence from Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target to continue improving performance over time.

“Adobe Experience Cloud allows us to take a strategic approach to communicating with our members by giving us the tools we need to manage, automate, and optimize campaigns,” says Hartford. “Our marketing team delivers six times as many targeted campaigns through Adobe Campaign, and performance continues to improve the longer we use it.”\

“Our marketing team delivers six times as many targeted campaigns through Adobe Campaign, and performance continues to improve the longer we use it.”

Britni Hartford

Vice President of Marketing, Oregon Community Credit Union

Using data to optimize targeted campaigns

Adobe Campaign, Adobe Analytics, and Adobe Target work in synergy to help OCCU deliver more relevant information and seamless experiences to customers.

Adobe Analytics pulls together real-time data that gives marketers insight into how members are reacting to the campaigns. Marketers might find that a campaign is not encouraging as much engagement with the mobile app. In turn, marketers can retarget their efforts on more engaging opportunities. Adobe Analytics also helps segment audiences so that marketers can target members with more relevant news and offers.

After analyzing the customer intelligence, marketers may optimize performance by testing different campaign options using Adobe Target. Testing variations on the creative or call-to-action can help improve performance or find the best messages for different audiences.

For example, OCCU wanted to boost vehicle loan application conversion on its loan page, prompting the company to test how the order of content on the page impacted conversions. Specifically, OCCU used Adobe Target to test the placement of an available rate carousel, resulting in a 218% increase in loan application starts.

During a one month test of the location of the “enroll now” call-to-action (CTA) button on the OCCU Internet Banking web page, the existing page layout resulted in 1 person enrolling in online banking, compared to 67 conversions on the modified page. Further testing of the CTA button color combinations drove an average increase of more than 20% in CTA click throughs.

The data from Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target feeds back into Adobe Campaign to improve performance. Rather than creating new audiences and campaigns from scratch every time, OCCU builds upon results and makes continuous improvements. Members receive more relevant, targeted information, not generic email blasts, so they are more likely to click on emails and act on the content. The increased relevance of emails can be seen by unsubscribe rates, which have fallen dramatically after implementing Adobe Campaign.

“We used to focus on big eye-catching campaigns that we would send to all members, but we’re shifting our focus to behavioral campaigns that look at how we can meet the needs of a particular segment of members,” says Hartford. “As we learn more about members through Adobe Experience Cloud, we get better at predicting what message will resonate with audiences.”

With Adobe Campaign, OCCU can set up fully automated, ongoing targeted campaigns, such as onboarding campaigns for new members. Once established, there is no need for any interference from marketers. Marketers can spend more time creating and testing new types of targeted campaigns for audiences. OCCU is currently using Adobe Campaign for email and direct-mail campaigns, with plans to expand to SMS text messaging.

Adobe Customer Solutions and Adobe partner Celerity contributed to the success of this integrated solution. Celerity helped build the infrastructure, setting up the marketing data warehouse and establishing strong connections between Adobe Analytics and Adobe Campaign. An Adobe All Access Learning pass helps the marketing team quickly build the skills needed to make the most out of the Adobe Experience Cloud platform.

Seamless credit card applications

For one of its first major personalized campaigns, OCCU wanted to increase credit card accounts by sending pre-approval emails to every qualified member. But rather than simply telling members that they were pre-approved, OCCU used dynamic fields and personalized URLs to create unique pre-approval messages for each member. Each personalized email included the member’s name, the type of credit card that they were approved for, approved credit limit, and approved rate.

When members clicked on the call-to-action button in the email, they were brought to a dynamic credit card offer landing page that used the unique Campaign ID to pre-populate fields with the member’s first name and offer details. All members needed to do was fill in three remaining pieces of identifying information and click “Accept” to accept the credit card offer.

OCCU hoped that members would respond well to both the personalization and seamless acceptance workflow made possible through Adobe Campaign. OCCU set a goal for 400 new credit card accounts in the first six months. Instead, it more than doubled that number by signing up 944 new credit card accounts by the end of the year—235% of the goal—with an acceptance rate of 3.42%. Overall, the campaign has led to more than 2,150 new cards opened and over $22 million in new credit card lines in less than 18 months.

“We couldn’t believe how successful the credit card campaign was,” says Hartford. “Adobe Campaign was critical in sending direct mail to complement personalized emails, as well as pushing data into fields to help make the credit card application process as quick and seamless as possible for members.”\

“Helping our members achieve their financial goals is our primary mission. Using Adobe Campaign, we can reinforce that message in very real and relevant ways, showing them what’s possible and providing them the right information they need to make informed decisions.”

Britni Hartford

Vice President of Marketing, Oregon Community Credit Union

Helping members reach their dreams

When looking at ways to increase engagement with its home equity line of credit (HELOC) product, OCCU identified two major audiences: people who owned a home but were not using a HELOC product, and people who were already leveraging a HELOC but could afford to draw more on their lines of credit. With Adobe Campaign, the marketing team built a campaign that targeted each of these audiences.

For people without a HELOC, marketers sent emails that encouraged them to share their goals and dreams. This information was also used to generate call lead sheets, prioritizing the highest quality leads, for sales representatives who worked on a personalized follow-up engagement with each member.

For people who already had a HELOC, marketers asked members to share their stories of what they accomplished with their HELOC. This got members in the right mindset of thinking about their HELOC in positive terms before the campaign followed up with the discussion of future goals and dreams. OCCU can also leverage inspiring HELOC stories in future campaigns to help people expand their ideas of what can be done with a HELOC.

“Helping our members achieve their financial goals is our primary mission,” says Hartford. “Using Adobe Campaign, we can reinforce that message in very real and relevant ways, showing them what’s possible and providing them the right information they need to make informed decisions.”

Most recently, successes using Adobe Campaign have taken OCCU down the path of further integrating the solution with Adobe Analytics to better tie general member behaviors on its website to activities after they’ve logged in. This capability is helping the company build a much more holistic view of what customers are searching for and how it relates to their current portfolio.

Integrations between Campaign and OCCU’s proprietary CRM solution also help members explicitly set up their communication preferences so they have more control over experiences. Additionally, the credit union is taking more control of email by leveraging transactional messaging within Adobe Campaign, establishing the platform as its primary email management system for all email coming from OCCU.

In the future, the credit union will implement a member loyalty and lifecycle campaign that provides personalized email to members based on their membership, life stage, and online behavior. “We’re always looking for ways to add value to our member’s lives,” says Hartford. “Adobe Campaign gives us the tools that we need to send more valuable communications and serve our members better.”

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