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Leading full-service branding, advertising, and creative agency standardizes on Adobe Creative Cloud to enable before-time service delivery with quality content.




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Sped up creative design workflow


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Design efficient creative workflow to help ensure before-time service delivery

Improve workforce productivity while enabling better resource utilization

Provide designers access to cutting-edge tools while minimizing total cost of ownership

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Sped up creative design workflow

Easily edited design components in different formats

Designed workflow to enable quick turnaround

Better resource utilization with full access to integrated toolset

“Adobe Creative Cloud enables us to be more efficient and helps us to delight our clients not just by meeting deadlines but by beating them almost every day for each project.”

Abhishek Sharma

Managing Director, Prakria

Standardizing on an all Adobe workflow

Founded in 2003, Prakria is a full-service strategic marketing and advertising agency creating dynamic creative content for leading brands across business sectors. The company specializes in creative content, including graphic design, 3D and motion graphics, and web design. The company’s capabilities extend from conceiving a product to its branding, packaging, and online or offline promotion to its target group.

Prakria has a vision to be a leading cross-channel, multi-platform agency providing a best-in-class customer experience. “We realized that a unique blend of creativity and discipline is vital to our success, as customers demand immediacy, innovation, and quality in our service delivery,” says Abhishek Sharma, Managing Director, Prakria.

Prakria tried other design software but realized that to deliver the breadth of branding and advertising services the company is known for, whether print or digital, Adobe offered the best solution. “Most of the initial artwork that we receive from our clients is created using Adobe creative applications,” says Abhishek. As a result, the company made a strategic decision to only use Adobe creative apps for its entire creative workflow.

Prakria started with Adobe Creative Suite and then quickly moved to Adobe Creative Cloud for teams. Adobe Creative Cloud tools provide Prakria with the design flexibility for rapidly working on projects without wasting time formatting or dealing with file compatibility issues.

“Our design lifecycle varies; some projects take 10 minutes, others take 10 days,” says Abhishek. “We needed an agile solution that gives us liberty to work across all platforms and enables us to deliver top-quality content on time or slightly before-time.”

Streamlined creative workflow guarantees before-time delivery

Adobe Creative Cloud apps help Prakria to deliver projects to clients on—or in many cases before—schedule. Adobe Creative Cloud gives Prakria’s design team updates to all new software versions upon release, plus exclusive features between releases, enabling the team to stay up-to-date on the core Adobe web and design tools while eliminating version inconsistency.

The speed of delivery, which is critical for company’s growth, directly correlates to how fast Prakria can execute designs for a varied range of complex requests. Adobe Creative Cloud apps, including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Dreamweaver, help Prakria successfully execute its delivery model. “The ability to create different pieces of a design in the different Creative Cloud apps, and then publish them in a way that can be showcased to our clients, provides us the confidence to enable the before-time delivery,” says Abhishek.

“All Creative Cloud apps work together so smoothly that it’s exciting to think what we’ll be able to do with the deeper integration that Creative Cloud offers.”

Abhishek Sharma

Managing Director, Prakria

An accessible, tightly-integrated toolset

At Prakria, creative design work typically begins with a briefing by the client, from which ideas are developed and then shared with the relevant design desks. Depending on the client requirements and nature of the client, various design options are created. Many times, the assignment consists of work across multiple platforms.

The integration among the apps in Adobe Creative Cloud makes it possible to import, edit, and insert images, graphics, audio, or video components seamlessly. “The tightly integrated apps in Adobe Creative Cloud dramatically speed our workflow as we can insert or edit multiple graphic elements seamlessly across systems,” says Abhishek.

The integration also helps Prakria immensely while handling complex client requests. “A client request such as designing an animated logo requires the use of different Adobe Creative Cloud applications, from Photoshop and Illustrator to Premiere Pro and After Effects,” says Abhishek.

Prakria can efficiently design such complex motion graphics without worrying about how the different parts of the design will behave in different Adobe applications. “All Creative Cloud apps work together so smoothly that it’s exciting to think what we’ll be able to do with the deeper integration that Creative Cloud offers,” says Abhishek.

“The flexible cost enables us to be more profitable while we know that everyone is going to be on the latest versions of software.”

Abhishek Sharma

Managing Director, Prakria

Raising productivity and utilization while lowering total cost of ownership

Prakria is witnessing significant gains in employee productivity and utilization with Adobe Creative Cloud. Abhishek explains, “With Adobe’s integrated toolset, we can best utilize our employees who have expertise in multiple tools as there are no conversion requirements while importing data from one tool to other.”

With streamlined administration, Adobe Creative Cloud has helped Prakria eliminate many time-consuming manual processes, such as installing packaged software or maintaining version consistency. It has also reduced the total cost of ownership of Adobe solutions by creating a standardized model for purchasing and deploying the most current versions of Adobe Creative Cloud applications.

“I think the licensing is absolutely one of the standout features,” says Abhishek. “The flexible cost enables us to be more profitable while we know that everyone is going to be on the latest versions of software.”

Intuitive features, strong support

Abhishek appreciated the support Adobe provided along the way. “Adobe is strongly advancing its platform and we continue experimenting with multiple new features for enhancing our creative workflow,” says Abhishek. “The 3D plug-in feature available in Photoshop greatly helps my graphic designers, who do not have expertise in 3D, to easily add or edit various motion graphic effects.”

Prakria also takes advantage of the active and dedicated support from Adobe. “Our Adobe Creative Cloud subscription gives us the advantage to go back to Adobe for support when we need it,” says Abhishek.

Enhancing creative design workflows

With significant gains in operational efficiency, Prakria is now encouraging its clients to adopt to Adobe Creative Cloud. Abhishek shares one example where Prakria enabled the complete conversion of one of its large clients to Adobe Creative Cloud. “We explained to the client that the hassle of managing hundreds of bulky artwork files vis-à-vis the benefits of working with a single lightweight file with Adobe Creative Cloud,” says Abhishek. “The client adopted Adobe Creative Cloud tools and changed the entire printer set-up for its fleet of printers. The conversion resulted in finishing the client’s campaigns on time.”

Prakria is keen to explore Adobe Stock in the near future. The company is impressed by the fact that Adobe Stock is accessible from within Adobe Creative Cloud applications, such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, and the ability to preview low-resolution images directly in a design, modify them, and obtain the modified images in high resolution once they are purchased.

Adobe Creative Cloud helps support Prakria’s rapid growth and efficiently manage the workflow of large and complex projects. “Adobe Creative Cloud enables us to be more efficient and helps us to delight our clients not just by meeting deadlines but by beating them almost every day for each project,” says Abhishek.


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