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Personalized experiences to attract customers


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Tell the Synopsys story to new markets through a new line of business

Encourage self-servicing to produce web content faster and more efficiently

Improve customer experience through fresh, short-form content

Consolidate websites of acquired companies into a single, consistent platform


40x faster web content creation

Set up first microsite in four months

10x faster: Improved website performance with faster page loads

Personalized experiences to attract customers

Leader in silicon and safety

When customers visit a company website, they’re often looking for information about the company’s products and services. But they might also want to know the story of the company and its values and how those values align with the customer’s own priorities.

Synopsys is a company with a captivating story. Founded in 1986, Synopsys is the global leader in design tools and services for silicon chips, as well as the company with the industry’s broadest portfolio of silicon IP.

Synopsys recently decided to branch into a new line of business: software security. While Synopsys has years of software design experience, its successes weren’t widely known outside of the semiconductor industry.

“Every business that works with silicon chips knows the name Synopsys,” says Dave DeMaria, Corporate Vice President of Corporate Marketing at Synopsys. “Now that we’re expanding into new markets, we’re in a position where we need to introduce our brand to customers. People need to understand that we’re not a newcomer. We’re a global company with a long history of quality and annual revenue exceeding $2.5 billion. We can be a trusted partner for the future.”

Synopsys decided to completely rework its website to better engage customers with fresh and exciting content. To meet the demand for frequent updates, Synopsys wanted a platform that would empower employees to create content. As the company continues to grow through intelligent acquisitions, it also needed to quickly consolidate the websites of acquired companies onto the Synopsys brand.

DeMaria decided to replace the existing Microsoft SharePoint solution because the company’s strategy required a digital marketing foundation that could easily integrate with other best-in-class solutions. DeMaria looked at a full list of CMS options before narrowing down the field. In the end, the Adobe Experience Manager solution in Adobe Marketing Cloud, part of Adobe Experience Cloud, was chosen because it addressed the key requirements.

“Adobe Experience Manager was the clear winner,” says DeMaria. “Not only was it the easiest to use, but it was also the most powerful and scalable.”

“The integrated Adobe Experience Cloud solutions deliver all of the tools that we need to transform our digital experience and prepare us for new markets.”

Dave DeMaria

Corporate Vice President, Corporate Marketing, Synopsys

Partnering for success

To help ensure the success of the digital transformation project, Synopsys enlisted the help of Hero Digital as its implementation partner. “Adobe is a powerful and deep platform, but getting the most out of a new technology takes experience,” says Tony Rems, CTO at Hero Digital. “It helps to have someone get you up to speed while you’re still learning. Through our collaboration, Synopsys could meet its tight timeline and achieve a quick implementation win to energize the project.”

Working with Hero Digital and Adobe, Synopsys built its first microsite in just four months. Starting with a microsite allowed Synopsys to concentrate on a small, manageable project to test components, templates, and workflows.

DeMaria was also impressed by how Adobe worked with Synopsys to address security. “There was no room for security flaws, no matter how minor, because we’re in the security business,” says DeMaria. “Adobe was incredibly responsive and addressed security considerations immediately, which demonstrated the partnership that had been built. With the expertise of Hero Digital and Adobe, we knew we had a winning team.”

40x faster content creation

With the templates and components in place, Synopsys rolled out the first phase of the website in four months. Using Adobe Experience Manager, the whole content creation process was totally transformed and is faster for everyone involved. Previously, Synopsys had terabytes of assets spread across siloed systems. If a team wanted a change made to the website, it would work with the marketing communications and creative team to create the core content and then email any necessary assets to the web team of approximately four people, who would upload them into SharePoint. Even making minor changes could take hours.

Adobe Experience Manager Assets eliminates the barriers to managing and deploying assets and enables a self-serve model, where the content creators can develop and manage assets themselves in real time. Today, the company has thousands of assets. Distributed teams can create and store new approved assets in a centralized location, so there’s never any question whether they’re using the correct tagline or most recent logo. Using built-in integrations, teams can create assets in Adobe Creative Cloud and upload them directly into Experience Manager Assets.

Creating or updating web content in Adobe Experience Manager Sites is as simple as dragging components from Experience Manager Assets into a template. Teams can train anyone to create content without relying on developers or a centralized web team. With more people involved in creating web content, Synopsys can produce more content faster.

“Implementing Adobe Experience Manager has revolutionized our process and productivity has increased 40-fold,” says DeMaria. “On the old platform, restructuring content would have taken a team two weeks. With Experience Manager, just two people can do the work in two hours. While our goal wasn’t cost savings, we have eliminated huge amounts of unnecessary meetings and emails, which has allowed our teams to focus on their core competency of creating great content.”

Building a digital foundation

Working with Adobe Experience Manager, the new Synopsys website has a clean look, up-to-date content, and a dynamic, mobile-ready responsive design. Performance also increased tenfold.

But for Synopsys, Adobe Experience Manager is just the beginning. By using other integrated solutions in Adobe Experience Cloud, Synopsys is enhancing its digital platform through personalized experiences.

With Adobe Target in Adobe Marketing Cloud, Synopsys is adding personalized search to its website. This allows marketers to better engage visitors from new industries to find the information they need. Marketers can also spot trends in real time and act on market changes quickly using dashboards in the Adobe Analytics solution in Adobe Analytics Cloud, part of Adobe Experience Cloud. “We are a big believer in integrated platforms and starting with Adobe Experience Manager, we saw the value of adding Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics from Adobe Experience Cloud,” says DeMaria.

Supporting growing business

Now that Synopsys has a solid digital foundation, it is looking forward to growing its digital presence and delivering higher-impact marketing initiatives. In particular, Synopsys is planning to dive deeper into analytics and use personalization to attract new customers and industries to its software security business. As personalization grows, so will the need for unique assets.

“Our website is moving to shorter, snackable content and more visual elements such as videos,” says DeMaria. “Adobe Experience Manager is inspiring us to rethink digital content delivery. With Adobe Experience Manager, we are becoming an agile, forward-thinking company.”

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