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Vistaprint helps small businesses succeed with professional marketing materials developed using Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Stock.

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cost savings with streamlined image licensing and management through Adobe Stock


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Create a wide variety of customizable designs fit for any customer or industry.

Find images to meet specific design requirements in less time.

Increase oversight and visibility into license management.


60% cost savings with streamlined image licensing and management through Adobe Stock.

Create a wide selection of inspiring designs that help customers succeed.

Browse millions of high-quality images with search powered by artificial intelligence.

Save time finding and managing images, freeing time to create designs that meet client needs.

Helping small businesses compete

The typical small business owner wears many hats. Owners want to focus on their core business, whether that’s baking beautiful wedding cakes, remodeling homes, caring for pets, or training clients in the gym. But they often must also manage hiring, procurement, payroll, and all other administrative tasks that keep the business running.

With Vistaprint, a Cimpress company, these business owners also have a professional and economical partner to support their marketing and design needs. Every year, millions of business owners turn to Vistaprint for high-quality, on-trend, and eye-catching business cards, signs, websites, brochures, and many other types of print or digital marketing materials. The company is founded on a philosophy of offering beautiful and customizable solutions that can compete with marketing created by big corporations, but with a lower price point and smaller print run.

“Our small business customers are experts in their chosen fields, but they don’t have the time or resources to design, print, and publish great marketing pieces that will help their businesses grow,” says Megan Morahan, Global Creative Director of Product Design at Vistaprint. “Vistaprint takes a lot of the guesswork out of marketing for them so that they know they’re presenting themselves as the professionals they are.”

“Adobe Stock gives us the image quality and production efficiency that we need to create inspiring designs that enable our customers to reach their audiences and build their small businesses.”

Megan Morahan

Global Creative Director, Product Design, Vistaprint.

Inspiring designs for business growth

Design is a key component of Vistaprint’s continued success. The company aims to inspire small businesses by creating attractive designs and templates that reflect each customer’s ideals and goals. Whether they’re a real estate agent, personal accountant, or even a beekeeper, customers should see designs that are a perfect match for their industry and location.

Vistaprint uses Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise apps to create a range of marketing materials. Recently, the design team added a new dimension to their creative workflows by switching to Adobe Stock for stock imagery. With Adobe Stock, Vistaprint’s designers can quickly find high-quality photos, vectors, and illustrations that they can use to build beautiful templates for customers.

“Adobe Stock is a fantastic tool for designers so that they’re not starting from scratch,” says Morahan. “We’ve also been very impressed by the quality of Adobe Stock images. They’re relevant, they’re beautiful, and they look authentic. When we start from high-quality stock images, we can deliver better designs on a short deadline for our customers.”

Designing marketing for every industry need

Some customers upload their own designs to be printed on business cards, banners, or tote bags, but others choose to customize one of the thousands of templates created by Vistaprint. The design team is constantly creating and updating designs to help Vistaprint’s customers present a modern and professional face to the public.

With Adobe Stock, designers can search millions of images through a web browser or directly through their Creative Cloud apps, including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign. Designers can download a comp version of any visual asset and make edits to turn it into the perfect template for a menu, flyer, or banner. Once the design is approved, designers can license the stock image with a single click. The licensed version automatically replaces the comp version in the design with all edits carried over perfectly.

Imagery in Adobe Stock serves as a launching pad for creative designs. Finding just the right photo, vector, or illustration can help designers solidify a creative idea or inspire a completely different direction for a template.

“Our customers want branded looks that are just as unique and professional as anything designed by major corporations,” says Morahan. “Adobe Stock gives us the image quality and production efficiency that we need to create inspiring designs that enable our customers to reach their audiences and build their small businesses.”

Gaining visibility into stock licensing

Adobe Stock makes licensing stock assets simple and worry-free for Vistaprint. With the generous grant of rights offered through standard enterprise agreements, all content is royalty-free and available to an unlimited number of users. Since making the switch to Adobe Stock, Vistaprint has realized a 60% savings on its stock imagery costs.

Managing stock assets is also easier for Vistaprint’s design team. Before, designers would download and save stock images to their hard drives. Now, anyone at Vistaprint can search Adobe Stock and save items to a library for the team to access later from the Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries panel within their favorite apps. When designers search Adobe Stock, a small icon appears over assets that have been licensed by another team member.

The Adobe Admin Console provides a clear overview of all assets the Vistaprint team uses. The Console also lets administrators restrict which types of assets users can license, assign quotas to users and groups, and implement optional and mandatory reference fields in a form that users fill out when licensing assets.

“The Admin Console is my eye in the sky,” says Nick David, Senior Graphic Designer at Vistaprint. “It helps me see with a glance how many credits we’ve used. We don’t have to worry about people accidentally repurchasing stock images multiple times. Having this oversight is a huge boost to efficiency and cost-savings.”

Finding specific imagery that speaks to customers

Vistaprint designers work closely with the content strategy team to continually refine and update designs to deliver templates that speak to customers.

“We’re constantly talking with customers, conducting research into industry trends across the globe, and looking at data about how customers are using or customizing our templates,” says Ashley Busa, Senior Manager of Content Strategy at Vistaprint. “This insight gives us specific ideas about what new designs customers need. Adobe Stock offers a breadth of photography that we haven’t had access to before, giving our designers a much better chance of finding images that meet our specifications. We’re now only using one stock solution, instead of several, and we don’t have to compromise the customer strategy.”

The intelligent search functions in Adobe Stock help designers quickly filter through images and find just the right artwork for a specific design. Designers can search by keyword and select different filter options. For example, a designer might want to exclude photographs and find only illustrations.

Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, powers some of the most advanced search functions in Adobe Stock. Visual Search allows designers to upload an image from anywhere and search for similar images. For instance, designers may find a picture of a vineyard online that doesn’t exactly match their vision for a winery design. They can upload the image to Adobe Stock and quickly find dozens of similar options that might better fit the bill.

Depth of Field and Vivid Color, features, also powered by Adobe Sensei, allow Vistaprint designers to narrow down search requests by the aesthetic qualities of an image. A designer might be working on floral signs for a flower shop, and they know customers are looking for something bright, colorful, and eye-catching. With the Vivid Color filter, the designer can search for high saturation images, or even reverse the slider to look for something a bit more monochromatic. If the designer needs an image that will work under text, they can shift the Depth of Field slider to increase blur and use the Copy Space filter to find images with room for copy.

“Adobe Sensei is the underlying magic of Adobe Stock,” says Nick David. “It helps us be much more productive by helping us find the exact image that we need. We’re improving the quality of our designs because we don’t need to spend hours searching for the right photograph or editing complicated artwork. We’re starting from a strong foundation, which helps us build better designs and experiences to help our customers reach their audiences.”


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