Tendam increases its B2B sales thanks to the new platform created by Adobe and vdSHOP.

The new platform has enabled them to achieve revenue of €130 million.

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Number of employees: 57
Madrid, Spain


In 3 months, Tendam has achieved a 56% reduction in order preparation times.



Improve the usability and purchase performance of franchisees.

Offer a personalised experience in the distribution of orders for each franchisee.


+500 new orders per season

+1000 more products per order

-56 % reduction in order preparation times

The need to make the leap to digitisation.

Tendam, one of Europe's leading fashion companies with operations in over 80 countries, needed to transform its B2B platform from a desktop application to a fully digitised version that would enable it to streamline the orders that franchisees normally place with the company.

Tendam franchisees often purchase a wide range of products at a global level, so the need to simplify this work was palpable. An example of this is the company’s franchises outside Europe, which use its platform to buy products for multiple stores of the Cortefiel, Springfield, Women'secret and Hoss Intropia brands.


We analysed the solution

At vdSHOP they started with the advantage of knowing the client from previous projects and had a good context to analyse the situation and propose the best solution.

Tendam needed a flexible platform that could extend through the complex layer of its business. That's why the agency chose to develop a digital solution based on Adobe Commerce technology, powered by Magento.

A B2B platform as a sales bridge

The main idea that vdSHOP had was to provide franchisees with a simple solution that would enable them to manage orders at each of their stores, simplifying the process through automation.\

To achieve this, the first thing they did was to integrate the Adobe Commerce B2B package, which helped them enable access restrictions for franchisees registered on the platform. In addition, it gave them the opportunity to maintain different catalogues, prices, discounts and taxes per customer, allowing them to focus efforts on the complex business logic that Tendam needed.\

After consolidating the platform’s base, they had to make custom developments to accommodate the company’s needs.

They therefore developed several customised tools to save the franchisees as much time as possible. One of these was designed to allow them to simply add, for example, 1,000 units of a T-shirt to their cart and automatically apply the correct size distribution.\

This project is a key tool for Tendam to service its franchises around the world. The platform, being completely customised, affords extensive flexibility to develop upgrades and constant improvements.

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A job on time with multiple benefits.

vdSHOP's challenge was to have the platform up and running in less than 9 months, and thanks to Adobe Commerce technology it was able to launch the first version after 6 months and a second optimised version after 7 months. Adobe Commerce was a key part of the project planning.

As a result of the developments implemented, a complete solution was found which provided:

“This project was a big challenge for us. We have several franchises around the world with different requirements. We needed a single point of contact for the franchisee to buy, inform, integrate data, etc. And that had to be simple and with a very fast learning curve. We also wanted to add mobility and a high level of automation to the process. Adobe Commerce provided us with the capabilities to digitise these processes. We are very proud to have delivered to our customers one of the most comprehensive B2B fashion retail platforms, which allows them to leverage our best practices in the business for their buying process, maintaining all the flexibility to adapt to the needs of each customer.“

Emilio Conde

Head of Business IT Partners at Tendam


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