Predictive content

Deliver the highest performing content to your website and your customer’s inbox alike with the predictive power of AI from Adobe Sensei.

The customer journey is dynamic. Optimize your content to match it.

In the content world, if you’re up to date, you’re already falling behind. You can’t wait for a post-mortem to discover what content performed the best. To stay ahead of today’s always-online customers, you need to start thinking at least one step ahead of them. 

Incorporating predictive content into your web and email marketing ensures you’re always delivering the most relevant experience, no matter the user. Adobe Marketo Engage uses the predictive power of Adobe Sensei to identify and automatically deliver your highest-performing assets in real time to lead- and account-based audiences. 

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Content discovery and tagging

  • Automatically discover and tag all your live assets to prepare them for AI-powered recommendations and measurement across your email and web automation programs. 
  • Allow content to be auto-discovered when a web visitor clicks on a webpage related to your defined URL pattern. 
  • Quickly identify content that’s a good fit to become predictive based on popular web journeys.

Audience targeting

  • Support your lead- and account-based marketing strategies by recommending highly personalized content to individuals and target accounts using Marketo Engage’s segmentation engine. 
  • Create highly personalized web and email experiences based on whether a web visitor is anonymous or known.

Predictive content recommendations

  • Embed rich media assets containing custom images, headers, CTAs, and descriptions across specific placements on your website to strategically influence individual buyers on key pages. 
  • Display AI-powered recommendations using a bar placement overlay for each web visitor to highlight the single best performing asset for that specific buyer.
  • Increase email open and click-through rates by tailoring your content to each individual recipient.

Content goals and performance

  • Adjust the algorithm of Adobe Sensei’s AI to recommend content based on specific performance metrics like clicks and conversions. 
  • Get high-level performance summaries highlighting active predictive content assets, direct leads, views, channel performance, conversion rates, and more. 
  • Gain insights on what content works best for both new and returning visitors.

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