Our AI and machine learning offer intimate personalization. At a massive scale.

Test and personalize at a scale well beyond manual optimization and rules. With artificial intelligence and machine learning built into Adobe Target, you can make everything personal for everyone — with one-click.

Personalization works. But you can’t be everywhere at once.

Your customers want personalized experiences. You know this, but may struggle to do it because delivering that experience requires you to make a lot of decisions, constantly, right as your customer’s wants and needs change. And, naturally, there’s little room for error — the moment a customer feels like they’re not being served, they head elsewhere. That’s the challenge you face with just one customer. Now apply that strain across your thousands, or even millions of customers. Keeping up is impossible.

To accomplish personalization for every customer, you have to move beyond manual approaches. The kind of heavy lifting we know you need requires help from technology that can be everywhere you can’t be — serving your customer’s unique and evolving needs right as they change. It requires artificial intelligence.

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Adobe can help.

We’ve built up a lot of experience helping brands make their good digital experiences become great through personalization.

The enterprise-level personalization engine in Adobe Target, powered by Adobe Sensei, uses the powerful algorithms of machine learning and AI to determine the right experience to serve every individual customer — no matter where and when that interaction takes place. Features like personalized recommendations learn over time and take context into consideration when making a decision about what, when, and how to present the right experience.

When you take our personalization engine and integrate it with other Adobe Experience Cloud solutions, you have the ability to drive personalized experiences across all touch points and let this optimization inform your other digital marketing efforts, like campaign management and content management.

Let the AI and machine learning within Adobe Target add depth and relevance to your optimization efforts — no matter the scale. It makes each interaction special, right now, for every customer, at a level you could never do on your own.

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