Enterprise Governance

Maintain control of who has access to what while still giving individuals and teams the appropriate permissions to create powerful personalized experiences.

Multiple apps, teams, and countries. One simple place to govern it all.

Your brand is complex. Teams are cross-functional, fluid, and dispersed. This makes it complicated to ensure that each team member has access only to the property or data they are allowed and need to access.

Enterprise governance in Adobe Target allows you to build teams that work exactly how you do while ensuring access to company properties and data is appropriate for each user’s role. Deploy permission controls by device, channel, country, brand, and more. For instance, give your mobile product and development teams free rein over their app without giving them control of your main marketing website. Or, let your creative agency personalize a single landing page without giving them broader insight into your Adobe Target actions and data. With this level of granular control, your teams can execute powerful, personalized experiences without sacrificing critical governance.

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Access Levels
Let team members wear the right hat — observer, editor, or approver — for each workspace based on access needed. Permissions are easily managed within Adobe Experience Cloud or the enterprise permissions API.

Flexible Workspaces
Create workspaces anytime for any team. Start by separately assigning each member access and then assign the team to the property. 

Business-Aligned Properties
Define properties according to how your business works. This can be by domain, mobile channel, country, language, or brand — whatever works best for you.

Many Teams, Zero Conflicts
Expand your personalization program across the entire organization without worry. Gated access to properties and workspaces ensures teams run activities together conflict-free.

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Perfect your permission controls.

With a variety of ways to define who has what access to what properties, you’ll always have the right level of control.

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Workspaces that work the way you do.

See how to create workspaces that let you grant access to data and properties according to the way your teams work.

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