Addressable Audiences

View the overlap between your audience and your selected targeting platform, such as DSP, so you can forecast campaign reach before activating segments.

Audience size is one thing. But what matters is reach.

Knowing your total audience size is no longer enough. What matters is knowing how many people will actually see your message when you activate the destination. And for greater reach, you’ll need to go through different channels and deliver personal, real-time experiences.

With addressable audiences, you can see the total number of people you are reaching in your audience at each destination, such as an ad server. This enables you to review match rates before activating to better forecast your media spend and KPIs. Addressable audiences also has a customizable lookback period, including a lifetime lookback, giving you a unique count of users for that selected time interval. All of which helps you make smarter media buys.

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Forecast and plan
Create an accurate plan for the future with a clear understanding of the segments you’re planning to send to a destination for audience targeting and activation.

Easy sharing
Sending data to your destination partners helps them quickly develop and target qualified audience segments. With more than 100 server-to-server integrations with leading destinations, we reduce the technical overhead—making it easy to share.

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