Automated content personalization for the win driven by the DAM.

Scale content production with the only DAM that gives marketers AI-powered automations, letting them create and deliver endless variations of rich, immersive experiences from a single asset.

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You need more than a DAM that sits on the bench.

Marketing, creative, and tech teams can have a winning synergy. But creating and delivering great experiences requires a lot of touches — agencies and photographers send assets to the DAM where marketers pull them and send to creatives for backgrounds, logos or touch-ups. Assets are then re-ingested into the DAM before marketing taps the tech team to ensure optimized delivery. And while synergy can sometimes be good, the endless back and forth is a losing strategy that makes delivering timely, personalized experiences nearly impossible.

Organizations that want to stay ahead of the demand for personalization need to find a way to scale asset production and delivery. That means reducing the number of touches needed to ensure brand look and feel, customize logos, create various banners, and get experiences to market. The winning strategy would bring these processes into one multi-functional solution and empower marketers to create and deliver immersive experiences faster.


Adobe can help.

Adobe Experience Manager Assets is more than just a DAM — it’s a fully functional creative asset machine that uses AI and Adobe Creative Cloud presets to let marketers create millions of asset variations and deliver immersive experiences from right within the DAM. Adobe content automation lets users remove backgrounds, replace smart objects, and more, speeding content production while reducing reliance on creative teams. Additionally, Adobe dynamic media further transforms images and videos and automatically adapts content for any device, screen, or bandwidth, using a single master file, letting marketers deliver rich, interactive experiences quickly.

Here’s how Experience Manager Assets lets you scale personalized experiences:

Simplified creative operations
Pre-built and custom workflows automate Photoshop and Lightroom operations such as background removal, smart object replacement, and auto-tone, freeing marketers and creatives while driving content velocity.

Dynamic imaging and video
Dynamic media uses one master file to create unlimited versions that are optimized upon delivery — not before — keeping the DAM uncluttered and eliminating time spent rendering variations for every device or screen.

Shoppable and interactive media
Interactive media with images, videos, and 3D assets lets you create immersive, personalized experiences, including interactive hotspots that link to product details, look books, and other media.

Asset intelligence
Native AI, powered by Adobe Sensei, makes Assets the smartest DAM available, letting marketers create full size, experience ready assets, and optimize them for delivery for any device or screen

Content automation turns your DAM into an asset production engine.

Content automation brings the power AI and Adobe Creative Cloud functionality to your DAM, letting marketers easily create asset variations at scale.

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Optimize for every screen, device, or situation — instantly with dynamic media.

Let AI reconfigure, resize, and render flawless experiences from a single asset using cached cloud service, eliminating the need pre-make variations.

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