AI Services powered by Adobe Sensei

Deliver more with AI built for customer experience.

Adobe lives and breathes customer experience so we built AI, powered by Sensei, directly into Adobe Experience Cloud applications to give marketers the insights and tools they need to create, deliver, personalize, and scale the experiences customers crave.

Making customer experience easier for marketers.

Our evolving AI is built to free marketers and enable them to do their best work. That means giving them more insights, tools — and even more time — to optimize the customer experience. Our AI capabilities do the heavy lifting to connect data, automate workflows, and help teams plan, measure, and predict customer engagement.

Natively embedded AI

Reduce dependencies on data science teams and streamlines AI-driven workflows.

Content scalability

Create and iterate dynamic content and automate time-consuming workflows.

Actionable insights from data

Better understand customers’ interests and needs, and personalize experiences to the right audiences.

Patented data privacy tools

Give teams the insights they need while ensuring customer preferences and regulatory policies.

Global research leader at Omdia discusses the impact of embedded AI in creating personalized customer experience at scale.

Smarter workflows. Better results.

Powered by Adobe Sensei, purpose-built AI makes it possible for marketers to conquer the impossible — meeting customers where they are with a thoughtful experience to keep them coming back. Here’s how AI in Adobe Experience Cloud helps teams predict customer behavior, measure the impact of campaigns, and ensure a better return on every marketing investment.


Let AI mine the data and deliver insights.

Tracking every digital interaction is impossible. Use AI to cut through the noise by surfacing the right insights to know what to deliver, understand what’s working, and quickly activate campaigns with a higher chance of conversion.

Advanced marketing measurements. Quantify the incremental impact of all marketing activities across business and campaign goals and effectively forecast, plan, and optimize return on marketing investments.

Deep customer insights. Discover unique insights at the individual level to improve audience segmentation to better personalize and activate across hundreds of destinations with AI capabilities in Real-Time CDP.

AI-powered analytics. Uncover insights along the entire customer journey from first touch to final conversion. It's easy to apply AI to everyday tasks such as dialing-in attribution, optimizing ad spend, weighting metrics, and getting insights on your customer behavior in a matter of minutes with Customer Journey Analytics.



Content, collaboration, and smart commerce.

AI-driven content intelligence lets you streamline cross-team content workflows, repurpose top-engaged content, and deliver impactful personalized experiences that inspire action.

Sophisticated asset intelligence. Reduce manual metadata entry with AI-fueled tagging technology that learns relevant keywords and brand attributes to make searching your site easier in AEM Assets.

Personalized commerce experiences. AI-driven product recommendations and live search results, as well as real-time views of your customers’ search behaviors let you deliver relevant shopping experiences that improve conversion and retention in Adobe Commerce.



Optimize customer experiences with AI.

From email campaigns to social polls, Adobe’s advanced predictive insights let you design end-to-end journeys based on customer behaviors and engagement preferences. AI helps you find and target high-value customers, retain existing ones, and optimize experience delivery to improve campaign ROI.

AI customer experience optimization. Built in AI to optimize experiences inside customer journeys in Adobe Journey Optimizer by predicting each individual’s engagement preference.


B2B predictive lead and account scoring. AI capabilities in Adobe Real-Time CDP predict how leads and accounts will likely move through the buyer journey, helping B2B marketers focus on the right prospects.

Robust marketing automation. Embedded AI in Adobe Marketo Engage helps your marketing teams instantly connect, inspire, and retain customers through advanced lead nurtures and content trigger features.

Expedited testing. Embedded smart features make your life easier in Adobe Target, with AI-driven guidance on the right experience and optimizing delivery for every individual customer — no matter where in the journey.


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“We’ve learned that customers in the propensity score range of 90 to 100 converted three times higher than average — that’s a 3x higher conversion rate.”

Steve Schultz, Head of Marketing Technology, Esri

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