Analytics for Streaming Media

With Analytics for Streaming Media, you get near real-time, granular details of duration, stops and starts that lets you evaluate and combine video and audio metrics, so you have the insights to understand your customers' viewing and listening habits and increase engagement with highly personalized recommendations.

Stop guessing about your viewers. Start knowing.

You can now accurately measure multiple media platforms, including mobile phones, connected TV's, tablets, OTT devices, set-top boxes, and gaming consoles. You can even measure offline content. And the insights you get go deep into user viewing engagement, so you can understand how long, when, and where viewers engage.

The key metrics you collect are easily shared, segmented, and reviewed with our best-in-class media SDK and API collection. If you want to dive deeper — combine streaming media metrics with other Adobe Analytics solutions and data points, such as audience analytics or mobile app visitation and people metrics. From there, you can improve the user experience by personalizing recommendations.

Federated analytics

Share and receive streaming media analytics data from distributors for a more holistic view of consumption.  Learn more

Concurrent viewers by minute

Evaluate the total number of viewers engaged throughout video playback for live events. Learn more

Quality of experience metrics

Ensure a smooth, non-intrusive video and audio delivery experience to your audience. Learn more

Downloaded offline content tracking

Capture downloaded streaming media delivery online and offline to better understand user engagement.

Real-time metrics

Measure trending content in real time to see what content is most popular. Learn more

Advertising analysis

Understand how ad delivery impacts your viewers and ensure you are delivering the right, personalized message. Learn more

Learn more about analytics for streaming media in Adobe Analytics.

Measure viewership across devices.

Measure engagement across devices.

Learn about Adobe Federated Analytics on our Adobe Blog, and see how it lets media and entertainment brands get a more precise portrayal of their total audience reach across devices.

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Know who is on what device.

Know who is on what device.

Learn about the Adobe Device Co-op on our Adobe Blog, and see how it lets you accurately map devices to individuals so you can deliver a more consistent experience.

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Know who is on what device.
A better TV Everywhere experience.

A better TV Everywhere experience.

Check out our Adobe Blog to see how Single Sign-On for TV Everywhere makes viewing easier for consumers and is driving record viewing numbers.

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Multichannel data collection

Our open measurement protocol can capture data from virtually any source (i.e., voice, video, audio, connected car, IoT, CRM, Intranet, etc.) Or, use our data collection library for Javascript and mobile app SDKs.

Real-time data visualizations

Our Live Stream feature gives you a real-time stream of unprocessed hit-level data available within seconds of collection.

Advertising analytics

We make it easy to import search engine impressions, clicks, cost, position, and quality scores from Google AdWords, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. Tie these traffic and spend metrics to site-side engagement and real-time conversions in Adobe Analytics.

Let's talk about what Adobe Analytics can do for your business.

Let's talk about what Adobe Analytics can do for your business.