Campaign Reporting

In addition to powerful, out-of-the box reporting templates, Adobe Campaign lets you create custom reports on a delivery, campaign, user, or segment level. Do descriptive analysis, summarize ROI and CLTV, or export data to Adobe Analytics and other solutions for further data visualization and analysis.

Holistic reporting so you can see the forest and the trees.

Delivering a message is only part of the battle for digital marketers. Once a campaign is “in the wild,” you have to track it, understand its impact, and measure its value. Not just by channel, but by the overall impact of all the different marketing activities together.

The campaign reporting feature facilitates the creation of dynamic reports. You can use drag-and-drop variables to customize your reports and to analyze the success of your campaigns. Depending on the complexity of your queries and calculations, the data can be aggregated into a list view or accessed in a format that makes it easy to generate marketing analytics reports.


See what makes it work


Visual reporting interface
Use the dynamic report interface to simplify the process of navigating through tabs, menu options, and make it easier to sort by segments, devices, and channels.

Custom reports
Customize dynamic reports by adding filters or visualizations to better view and access your analytics data.

Report sharing
Create a standard reporting view for your campaigns and automatically share it with colleagues on an automated or recurring basis.

Customizable templates
Use the out of the box report templates to build a new report from scratch, and customize the templates as needed.

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See and share results.

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