Brand Portal

Easily and securely distribute assets to (and source from) agencies, channel partners, and external teams. Our self-service portal lets you tailor access, so you can get assets to the right teams and receive assets from agency partners while protecting confidential information.

Share what you need to, nothing you don’t.

Giving users direct access to digital assets is a more efficient way to work. But that doesn’t mean you want to share everything. You want extended partner teams to be able browse and download only the assets they need — not the full database. You want to provide your agency partners with an easy way to upload assets back to the author environment. And you want to see how your assets are being used and distributed so you can manage users more efficiently and securely.

With Adobe Experience Manager Assets brand portal, you can give distributed teams access to specific assets — through a modern user interface. This helps them easily search, find, and share approved assets, while protecting those that are confidential. Additionally, brand portal provides marketers with a streamlined, secure way to source assets from agency partners by providing the option to upload new assets directly to the brand portal environment. Brand portal administrators have more configuration possibilities and numerous branding options to optimize appearance. And with comprehensive, exportable usage reports, you can gain deeper insights into how assets are being distributed and used.


See what makes it work.

See what makes it work.

Self-service portal
Search and download assets outside of the digital asset management (DAM) firewall. Easily, efficiently, and securely distribute finished assets to channel partners and extended teams.

Administrative control
Robust governance helps you efficiently manage users, with extensive metadata controls to maximize findability. Improve appearance and gain deeper insights into asset usage and distribution.

User roles
Specify who can access permitted folders, collections, and assets. Set parameters so users can view, edit, and share only what’s necessary.

Agency upload
Easily and securely provide agencies or other distributed users with the ability to upload assets back to the brand portal environment.

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Dive into brand portal.

Dive into brand portal.

Get the ins and outs of Experience Manager Brand Portal and how to promote consistency across your brand in our Help section.

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