Televerde doubles productivity while empowering customers, women and communities with Marketo Engage.

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Improvement in marketing productivity


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Increase conversions with more effective email marketing campaigns

Enable marketing and demand gen teams to be more efficient

Provide marketing technology and sales training to incarcerated women


Up to 4x faster campaign generation

Doubles overall marketing productivity

Supports motivated workforce with streamlined tools and minimised required training

Televerde is all about creating demand and helping companies smash revenue goals. The company’s complete portfolio of sales and marketing solutions are trusted by some of the most recognisable brands in business today. But what is most unique about Televerde is the company’s commitment to social impact, including a business model that provides opportunities for incarcerated women to gain marketable business and technical skills that provide a clear advantage over others in the hiring process as they are released from prison.

Inside the Perryville State Prison Complex in Arizona and Rockville and Madison Correctional Facilities in Indiana, Televerde operates seven outbound engagement centres, training women for sales and marketing positions. Because these women have a burning desire to live positive and productive lives upon release, they are fully committed to ongoing education and finding unique ways to provide industry-leading results for clients. Approximately 25% of the women who work in the facilities are hired by Televerde upon release. At present, 40% of employees at Televerde’s Phoenix headquarters were formerly incarcerated and can be found in every department and level of the organisation.

Creating more effective marketing campaigns

Televerde now utilises two instances of Marketo Engage: one for their own marketing emails and communications and another to manage client campaigns and lead nurturing via an agency model. Televerde also uses Bizible, an analytics and reporting solution offered by Adobe, for enhanced B2B marketing attribution and reporting to accurately measure ROI from campaigns.

Televerde primarily targets large and midsize technology companies, although the company is quickly moving into new markets such as higher education. While Televerde’s marketing team is focused on creating content, copy and providing services to clients, their demand gen team runs the marketing campaigns to promote and generate new business opportunities for the company’s services.

“With Marketo Engage, we can send an email campaign, do the lead scoring on it and get the information we need all the way through to closing in one window versus needing to navigate to multiple areas,” says Cruz. “Being able to track communication sequences, along with any variations in scoring based on engagement, helps us effectively measure our internal progress toward strategic goals. Externally, this is even more powerful, as we can better understand how to increase conversions for our customers, based on understanding attribution and potential marketing trends.”

“We switched to Marketo Engage because it allows us to do things quickly and accurately in a way that is scalable. It not only allows us to increase our sales pipeline, it also makes us smarter about how to reach our contacts.”

Ashley Cruz

Marketing Technology Manager, Televerde

Making everything easier

Switching from Eloqua back to Marketo Engage improved efficiency for Televerde’s marketing and demand gen teams. Changing data values and performing mass updates are more seamless and asset approvals are automatically enforced, preventing a campaign from going live if something was missed.

“Marketo Engage simplifies our processes so we don’t have to spend a lot of time in the tool,” says Cruz. “We can easily leverage our marketing activities to build out our campaigns, emails and landing pages because everything is right there in front of us. We don’t waste time clicking around to different areas.”

Changing lives and helping families

What happens in the prisons and communities where Televerde operates has been called the “Televerde Effect.” When women are empowered with skills and employment opportunities, they make better choices for themselves and their families. Prisons yards are safer and recidivism goes down by an average of 91% for women who take part in the programme. The money they earn can be sent to their families and put in a savings account to help with re-entry costs as they are released. This feeling of financial independence contributes greatly to their rehabilitation and prepares them for a successful transition back into the community.

“I was one of those women,” Cruz reveals. “Televerde gave me an incredible opportunity. I got started with Marketo Engage while serving a prison sentence. The confidence that comes from developing new skills, then seeing success with them, makes all the difference. Instead of considering yourself just another inmate, you begin to realise that you’re someone who deserves a second chance. For me, that was life-changing.”

Increasing marketing efficiency up to 4x

With Marketo Engage, Televerde is at a minimum doubling their overall marketing productivity, with the potential for more efficiency gains in the future. Previously, setting up a campaign took up to two hours: building out the forms and landing pages, connecting the pieces and completing all testing. With Marketo Engage, the same process takes just 30 minutes. Televerde now has the visibility they need to understand how the company is connecting with potential customers and make marketing campaigns even more effective.

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