Preference Centres

Set up preference centres to make adjustments based on your customers’ interests and preferences. This helps you to enrich customer profiles and manage contact fatigue.

Embrace your customers — and what they want.

Your customers have increasing control over how, when and where they interact with your brand. You want to be able to embrace this flexibility to boost engagement and drive better business results.

With preference centres in Adobe Campaign, you can track which products or topics interest your customers, which messages they want to receive, how often they want to receive them and through which channels.

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Preference management
Adjust to what your customers are interested in by understanding how they engage with your brand and then match your outreach to their preferences.

Advanced filtering
Let your customers set filters and fine-tune the frequency and channel for each type of message you send.

Targeted segmentation
Enrich customer profiles to customise and target your marketing communications and to reduce email fatigue by controlling how many messages someone receives within a set period of time.

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Navigate customer email preferences.

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