Teamwork as it should be. Streamlined.

Give the right team members the right access.

Create a project team in Adobe Target for anyone, anywhere. With enterprise permissions, you can provide your teammates the appropriate access to activities, audiences and offers on a specific webpage or by device, country or brand.

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Features of enterprise permissions

Just-right access levels

Let team members wear the right hat for each workspace they’re in, based on access needed: observer, editor or approver.

Business-aligned properties

Define properties the way your business works by entire domain, mobile channel, country, language or brand — you name it.

Flexible workspaces

Create workspaces any time for any team. Separately assign each member access and then assign the team the property.

Many teams, zero conflicts

Expand your personalisation programme organisation-wide. Gated access ensures teams run activities together, conflict free.

See how it’s done.

https://main--bacom--adobecom.hlx.page/fragments/products/modal/videos/target/enterprise-permissions/configure-workspaces#_video2 | Watch the video

Learn how to configure workspaces in Adobe Target.

https://main--bacom--adobecom.hlx.page/fragments/products/modal/videos/target/enterprise-permissions/create-properties#_video3 | Watch the video

Learn how to create properties in Adobe Target.