Adobe Experience Platform Data Governance

Take the guesswork out of enterprise data governance.

Keeping track of your data and making sure it's used appropriately is a tall order. With Adobe Experience Platform Data Governance, a first-of-its-kind data governance and management framework, you have the power to classify, manage and enforce how your data should be used across the enterprise — so you can use data more responsibly and build customer trust.

Adobe Experience Platform Data Governance Benefits

Isolate your data
Separate and flexible virtual environments for exploration, demonstrations and experience applications development.

Control access to data
Enterprise data governance enables your organisation to use data more responsibly, limiting misuse of data and leakages.

Centralise your enterprise data governance
Manage data governance policies in the cloud and extend them to customised workflows and applications, including both systems of engagement and record.

Govern and manage data your way
Govern experience data with the flexibility your business needs using customised labels and policies.

Use data safely
Minimise inappropriate data usage by warning data users about unintended uses or by simply preventing policy-aberrant data usage.

Increase efficiency
Save time and resources in compliance management for IT and lines of business.



A single framework for enterprise data governance

  1. Data isolation
  2. Access control
  3. General labelling
  4. Label inheritance
  5. Policy framework
  6. Policy enforcement
  7. Lineage analysis
  8. Open APIs
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Data isolation
Data isolation

Use API-first sandboxes to virtually partition a single instance of Experience Platform, allowing you to contain multiple initiatives, production or development focused, within their own boundaries.

Access control

Manage users access and permissions to use Platform workflows, data and resources, based business needs.

General Labeling
General Labelling

Apply specific labels to classify data based on governance and compliance needs. This includes out-of-the-box contractual, identity and sensitive data labels. You can also create customised data labels.

Label inheritance

Labels are automatically inherited based on lineage of experience data source by segmentation and activation workflows. Labels applied at dataset level are inherited by all fields in the dataset.

Policy framework

Create, manage and communicate data usage policies, including policy templates, customised policies, audit of data usage and integration-ready APIs.

Policy Enforcement

Enforce data usage policies within data usage workflows. Out-of-the-box enforcement capabilities are provided in data activation workflows native to Platform. Customised applications on Platform can define their own enforcement workflows to warn or restrict data usage.

Lineage Analysis

See how intended data usage may violate policies. Also, perform comprehensive lineage analyses and receive recommendations on how to comply with policies.

Open APIs

All our functionalities are available via REST-based APIs. Use those APIs to leverage Platform’s data governance framework directly in your applications.

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