Sales and partner training

Deliver effective sales training programmes to help team members sharpen skills, ace negotiations and close deals faster.

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Make your sales team the best kind of know-alls.

Adobe Learning Manager lets your sales and partner teams stay on top of new products, new processes and new information that will help them land a new client or assist an existing one. Advanced audience management ensures learners get only the most relevant learning content, while you get in-depth analytics and insights to guide the next steps for your teams.


Design your sales training at scale.

Effortlessly bring in your existing training modules, those from the content marketplace or create new ones all within Adobe Learning Manager.

  • A unified sales learning portal with multiple integrations​
  • Learn anywhere — on mobile and web, off-line or online​
  • Easy discovery with catalogue and search​
  • Single destination for self-paced and instructor-led learning​
  • Multi-tenet architecture for both internal and external sales teams

Personalise for relevance.

Sales teams and partners can access effective learning programmes from anywhere and across devices.

  • AI-powered content recommendations
  • Personalised learner dashboards, guided learning and certifications​
  • Admin- and manager- recommended training ​
  • Ready to use content from the content marketplace with 86,000 courses ​
  • Gamification and social learning

Measure sales performance against learning.

Deliver an intuitive, personalised learning experience with gamified progress tracking and automatic content delivery across a variety of devices.

  • Track learning progress of sales and partner teams with team views​
  • Identify potential knowledge gaps ​
  • Reward performance with points and badges ​
  • Design learning interventions based on feedback

Learning Technology Use Case: Sales and Partner Enablement

Learn what The Brandon Hall Group found when they analysed the current state of sales and partner training.

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