Behavioural targeting

Target based on behaviour like previous visit patterns, product interests, searches, purchases, campaign exposure and campaign responses, as well as if a visitor is a new or return visitor or if they’re a prospect or already a customer. Use this information to launch more effective campaigns.


Act on their actions.

Your visitors tell you a lot — what they like, what they’re looking for, how much they want to spend and so much more. And you want to use these critical pieces of insight and intelligence, so you can ensure that you connect your customers to the right experience at the right time — every time.

Behavioural targeting lets you set up rules to deliver personalisation based on what your customers do — how often they visit, how long they visit, how much they purchase, what days of the week they visit and much more. By aggregating action data as part of your profile dataset, you can use it as criteria for better personalisation. And because visitor behaviours are changing all the time, Target helps you to keep your visitor profiles updated at all times, so you can keep their experiences relevant and engaging in real time across channels.


See what makes it work.

Personalisation based on any behaviour
Adobe Target gets a full view of your customer data, including any behavioural data across your digital touchpoints for more fine-tuned personalisation. For instance, personalise the experiences for returning visitors that visit the website at least three times per week, have a category preference, click the second recommended articles or visit the website between certain times on a certain day. Tailor the experiences for these visitors based on any behaviour.

Omnichannel personalisation
No matter which touchpoints your customers interact with, Adobe Target can deliver a consistent experience based on a single, progressive visitor profile.

Real-time personalisation
Visitor behaviour might change over time and a visitor will no longer qualify for the same targeting criteria. With the data platform of Adobe Experience Cloud, Adobe Target ensures that this visitor will receive a tailored experience every time. No matter if they’re interacting with your brand from web, mobile app, Internet-connected devices or more, the visitor will always have the right experience in real time.

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One activity, multiple audiences.

Target multiple audiences with a single activity. Experience targeting (XT) evaluates individual site visitors as soon as they enter activities, ensuring that they’re served the right experience.

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