Visual QA

Review your testing and personalisation activities without having to activate them. A shareable link allows key stakeholders to fully preview each variation for approval, so you can execute with confidence.


Launch every customer experience with confidence.

In the development and pre-launch phases, getting an honest read on your latest testing and personalisation campaigns can be a challenge. But the minute you activate these experiences, they’re out there for the world to see — including your customers and clients.

Don’t waste time guessing and hoping for the best — and don’t push campaigns live if they aren’t ready to see the light. With our Visual QA tool in Adobe Target, it’s easy to perform end-to-end quality assurance for testing and personalisation activities before you activate them. So instead of spending tons of time waiting for customers to activate the test before sending to QA testers, save that time and cut out steps by creating a QA link to view the experience directly without activating the test. When you do this, you’ll hit the market with total confidence and creative assurance.


See what makes it work.

User journey validation
Access your site or mobile app as your visitor with the QA link and then browse the entire site while in Visual QA.

Individual or combined experience reviews
View experiences individually or in meaningful combinations, ensuring that you are reviewing and validating the full experience.

Seamlessly preview sharing
Generate and share links so key stakeholders can preview each experience variation, streamlining approvals and improving the quality assurance and testing process. Simulate and view the experience variation before activating the testing or personalisation activities.

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Experience mobile preview.

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