Maintain connection and engagement with your customers in this new business environment

On-Demand webinar  | 35 mins | Free of charge


Right now, every organization is under pressure to continue delivering products and services – to meet customer expectations and to keep business moving forward. A distributed virtual creative team needs new ways of collaborating and new processes to continue the business and increase effectiveness. 

Why attend this webinar?

In this session: 

Find out how you can maintain your business continuity by embracing new ways of working and staying connected:

  • Lift the conversation with your customers by creating engaging content that resonates emotionally and drives your brand connection.                              
  • Save time, maintain brand control and keep your teams synchronised while they work remotely . 
  • Share and collaborate on creative assets, manage feedback with both your internal teams as well as your customers .


See a demonstration on how it can work for you, and get takeaway information and practical resources to help you navigate the new business environment with the Adobe Creative Cloud platform.


Intended audience:

  • Creative and Marketing line of business leads and users – involved or interested in maintaining and enhancing creative workflows, productivity, and automating design operations. 



Michael Stoddart

Michael Stoddart 
Director, Strategic Business Development, Adobe, Asia Pacific
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Michael supports Adobe's customers as they undertake digital creativity and content transformation. Michael's longevity, industry knowledge and strategic vision have built significant awareness in creative communities. Michael was trained as a designer and has worked across traditional and digital creative practices.

Jamie Ragen

Emily Palmer
Digital Media Solutions Consultant, Adobe
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Emily Palmer brings 10+ years of experience in print and digital media to help Adobe customers accelerate their creativity. As an Adobe Solutions Consultant, Emily delivers solutions to the global creative community. A lifelong maker of arts and crafts, Emily loves the intersection of physical and digital arts.

Jason Grant

Jamie Ragen
Manager Solution Consultant, Digital Media, Adobe, Australia and New Zealand
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Jamie lives at the bleeding edge of creativity and is fanatical about helping organisations create amazing Digital Experiences that deliver exceptional business results. He has worked in the creative industry for 28 years starting as a cartoonist and still gets excited every day, interacting and working with Creative Directors and their teams. He also manages an extraordinary team of industry and product experts that share his passion for 'Experience First Design' that transforms results in a way that delights our customers. 

Jason Grant

Jason Grant 
Senior Solution Consultant, Adobe, Australia and New Zealand
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With nearly 30 years of creative experience in both the publishing and advertising industries, Jason works today with Adobe’s customers to enable them on maximizing their design workflows and content production.

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