Seamless UI

透過我們簡化後的使用者介面,您只需幾次點按,就可以搜尋、瀏覽、預覽以及使用類型繁多的檔案。You’ll have the flexibility to switch between views, and with powerful search capabilities and filters, you can find the perfect asset in less time. 

Content management made more manageable.

Keeping your digital assets organized so you can find them when you need them is an aggravating and seemingly endless task. You need an intuitive interface that makes sense and works the way you expect.

The seamless UI in Adobe Experience Manager Assets does just that. It takes the pain out of managing your mountain of assets with powerful search capabilities, like the omni search bar, faceted search, and synonym rings, that allow you to find and work with a variety of file types in just a few clicks. And you can rapidly switch between view formats so you see things just how you need them for the task at hand — tree, card, or column — take your pick. With enhanced operators and granular filters, it’s easier than ever to find your needle in the proverbial haystack.


Straightforward search
Delve into your data using an intuitive and streamlined UI that behaves the way you expect it to. 

Efficient workflow
Use single sign-on to access creative assets directly from other Adobe applications, and check out files through the panel to prevent duplication.

Easy authoring
Create new templates and easily author new pages with a look and feel consistent with your brand.


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Explore our cloud-based interface.

Learn about the unified Experience Cloud UI and how to streamline asset management in our Help section.




輸入一種語言的搜尋詞,Adobe Sensei 會即時進行翻譯,並提供所有定義的語言庫中所有適用的資產 — 即使您的中繼資料只有英文。


我們的智慧標記工具採用 Adobe Sensei AI 和機器學習,理解資產的內容,自動使用智慧、業務特定的關鍵字對其進行標記。



一同探討 Adobe Experience Manager Assets 可為您的業務帶來的貢獻。

一同探討 Adobe Experience Manager Assets 可為您的業務帶來的貢獻。