Version History

Assets automatically saves every version created, detects and eliminates duplicate versions, tracks the progression of edits, and allows you to revert to earlier versions when necessary. It also reduces the risk of using assets that are unlicensed or have restricted usage.

More assets. Fewer problems.

Creating rich media takes a village. But it can also lead to multiple versions of the same asset. You know duplicate assets are bound to exist, but they’re hard to track, leaving you wondering if you’re viewing the latest version. Or if it’s even being used appropriately.

Version history lets you manage and approve assets quickly and efficiently, all from a single interface. Easily track the progress of edits on an asset to ensure you’re working on the most current version. Use duplication detection to avoid duplicate assets. And because version history saves every version of an asset you can easily revert back to a previous version if current changes are no longer valid or necessary. Plus, you’ll easily see and compare all the different versions with the visual comparison tool.

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Versioning in the touch-optimized UI
Easily create different versions — even on mobile devices. If you make a mistake, you can quickly go back to your asset and restore it.

Duplicate detection
Automatically identify assets already uploaded to Adobe Experience Manager Assets. Prevent users from working on the wrong assets while keeping your repositories clean.

Digital Rights Management (DRM)
Robust DRM ensures an asset’s terms of use are being followed. This reduces the risk of legal penalties from using unlicensed assets, or assets with expired licenses and usage restrictions.

Visual comparison tool
See all versions and updates to an asset and compare them to see the evolution of the asset from start to finish.

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Learn to avoid double trouble.

Discover how to enable duplicate detection and increase efficiency in our Help section. 

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Control assets with confidence.

See how to create, view, and restore versions of assets in our tutorial video.

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Multilingual asset management

Enter a search term in one language and Adobe Sensei instantly translates it and delivers all applicable assets across all defined language libraries — even if your metadata is only in English.

File type support

Assets offers a wide range of support from Creative Cloud apps to common file types and emerging file formats like 3D, panoramic, VR, and AR.

Asset insights

Use data insights to see which assets perform best without having to rely on your analytics team, and easily report asset engagement, consumption, and interaction.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Experience Manager Assets can do for your business.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Experience Manager Assets can do for your business.