Become a content savant with content intelligence.

With content intelligence, you can know more, find more, and do more. Powered by Adobe Sensei — our AI and machine learning platform — you receive valuable insights into your customers’ preferences and have access to smart content services that automate discovery and creation processes to save you time.

Get smart about your content. And your customers.

There are limits to what you can do — and how fast you can do it. Whether it’s finding the right asset for your campaign or making design edits such as cropping photos, every additional activity you take on can slow your time to market. And, when there’s simply too much data or too many assets to sift through, you may never get the answer (or asset) you need. So you re-create assets from scratch. Or you scrap personalization altogether.

With content intelligence, however, you’ve got the speed of AI, machine learning, and our extensive data platform all working for you — automatically. With this powerful combination you can find the assets you need and quickly tailor them so you can personalize your offers to match your customers preferences.

Smart content services like smart tags, smart crop, and smart imaging make it easy to repurpose images and text. And you can deliver these personalized offers to large audiences because content creation is now automated. Smart assembly and automated form conversion then take your legacy PDF forms or content images and text and optimize them for digital delivery. All so you can deliver the most engaging digital experiences and reap the biggest revenue rewards.

Adobe can help.

Adobe Experience Manager is all about empowering your marketing and IT teams to deliver amazing digital experiences. With content intelligence powered by Adobe Sensei and integrated with our extensive data platform, we make it simple to gain valuable insights and automate your content discovery and creation processes.

Find and use the perfect image with smart tags, even when your asset library is filled with millions of images. Digitize legacy PDFs in only a few clicks with automated forms conversion. Then make it all look perfect with smart assembly. Best of all, get to market faster with personalized content so you can increase your revenue.

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Silicon labs

“Tagging allows us to define our products and gain a greater understanding of how to improve our marketing. The tagging capabilities for our content in Adobe Experience Manager is a linchpin to our digital strategy.”

Kamran Shah, Director of Corporate Marketing for Silicon Labs


Smart tagging

Powered by Adobe Sensei AI and machine learning, our smart tags tool understands an asset's content to automatically tag it with intelligent, business-specific keywords.

Smart crop

Eliminate tedious editing jobs with smart crop, an automated process that detects the focal point of and image or video an automatically crops to it using AI powered by Adobe Sensei.

Auto-text summarization

Use Adobe Sensei's natural language processing technology to summarize text automatically for smaller screens, so you can easily create text once and reuse it within your cross-channel experiences.

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