Privacy and governance

Build and deliver privacy-conscious customer experiences with Adobe Journey Optimizer.

Consumers want to know their personal information is kept private and secure — and they need confidence in best-in-class data privacy, governance, and security.

Journey Optimizer is built from the ground up on a hardened, scalable infrastructure with principles of security by design and offers the best from Adobe Experience Platform. Trust is foundational to Journey Optimizer — from privacy to security and data governance.

See what makes privacy and governance work.

        Granular access controls

  • Manage data access to specific types of data and to particular groups or teams.

        Data usage policies

  • Manage customer data usage and ensure compliance with regulations and corporate data-use policies.

        Data hygiene

  • Keep data fresh and correct. Cleanse and delete it when required.

         Automated consent management

  • Enforce marketing policies to respect the consent preferences of your customers.

        Data encryption

  • Rest assured knowing Experience Platform data is encrypted at rest and in transit.

        Data isolation

  • Use API-first sandboxes to virtually partition your business units or teams.

        Activity audits

  • Identify granular actions performed by individual users in the application.

         Dynamic field masking

  • Anonymize sensitive personal data in emails, SMS, and other messages.

        Customer-managed encryption

  • Own and manage your own keys for data encryption.

        Message archival

  • Archive messages like emails to retrieve later on demand.

        HIPPA-ready platform

  • Personalize with PHI on a HIPAA-ready platform for US healthcare companies.

Learn more about advanced customer journey orchestration with Journey Optimizer.


Adobe Journey Optimizer Security Overview

See what makes Journey Optimizer work in this eBook.


Making great experiences requires trust.

At Adobe, we’re committed to protecting the security, privacy, and availability of our products, systems, and data — so you can deliver trusted experiences to your users every day.

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