Offline Data Integration

Integrate data from a CRM system or any other source of online or offline enterprise data (e.g., loyalty program levels) as an added analysis dimension.


Insights from offline.

You want to do anything you can to understand your customers better. While you obviously need to track web or mobile activity, there are other customer behaviors that can spark valuable insights. And oftentimes, those behaviors happen offline.

With our Customer Attributes feature, you can import offline data from your CRM or other enterprise data. You can integrate demographic, loyalty-program, or other customer-based data that can help you deliver the best experience to your customers.

Tied to the visitor

Customer attributes are tied to the visitor level and allow you to upload attributes to behavioral data retroactively.

Analyze as dimensions

Use attributes as dimensions in your reports and analysis, allowing you to discover insights about offline customer segments or customer traits, such as customer loyalty, demographic data, or sales stage.

Take action

Attributes are available throughout Adobe Experience Cloud, allowing you to target them for personalization or automate attribute-based campaigns.


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Check out the Adobe Experience Cloud Help page on customer attributes for details on best practices, data sources, FAQ, subscriptions, and more.

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Create attributes reports.

Visit this Adobe Experience Cloud Help page to learn how to run the Customer Attributes report function within Adobe Analytics.

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