Email Testing

Design A/B email tests using up to three variants to determine the biggest customer impact. Then, preview what your email will look like on more than 70 web, mobile, and email clients.


Put your emails to the test, then choose the best.

Not all emails are created equal — the trick is to separate the winners from the losers before your campaign ever launches. But without a way to test and collect results with actual customers, it’s difficult to predict how your entire email list will respond to your message. And that can be a scary prospect.

With our robust A/B testing capabilities, try out different subject lines, sender names, or content to see which one most resonates with your customer. Set up parameters that matter to you, and let Adobe Campaign automatically send the top-performing variation to your entire population. Adobe Campaign also provides preview and inbox rendering capabilities that help you ensure your emails display perfectly on both web and mobile before sending.


See what makes it work

Inbox Rendering
Send with confidence by seeing exactly what an email is going to look like across hundreds of email clients, browsers, and devices before you ever hit the send button.

A/B testing templates
Create test emails using one of three A/B-testing-specific templates — varying sender, content, or subject. This helps you focus on what’s effective and what isn’t.

Custom success metrics
Choose the parameters that matter to you, such as best open rate, best click-through rate, and weakest unsubscribe rate.

Measure and repeat
Set the test duration and wait for the results to come in. Once you identify your most effective combination, automatically send the winning email to everyone.

Deeper personalization with Adobe Target
Integrate Adobe Target to use a planned testing strategy to test and analyze your campaign performance more deeply. Learn how to get started with our tips and tricks guide.

Learn tips and tricks to integrate quickly

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Build clickable emails.

Watch this tutorial on how to create personal emails and test different variations to understand what’s resonating, with the help of Adobe Campaign.

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